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One of the first foods used for its oil content, sesame seeds have been grown in tropical regions throughout the world since prehistoric times for culinary uses as well as in traditional medicines for their nutritive, preventive, and curative properties. Sesame seeds are very rich in copper, a trace element that is important in a number of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems therefore reducing pain and swelling associated to arthritis.


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Sesame is a plant that was domesticated a very long time ago. Its seeds were consumed in India over 7500 years ago and in China over 5000 years ago. An important part of Babylonian and Assyrians diets, sesame seeds have now spread to Africa, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern as well as in the South Mediterranean Basin. Many reasons explain the use of this food such as its resistance to drought, the easiness to which its oil can be extracted, as well as its oil’s durability, much appreciated qualities during times when refrigerators did not exist.

Culinary Uses

The sesame seed is an integral part of the Middle Eastern diet. Sesame butter is used to make tahini and the seed becomes a delicious addition to salads, stuffing or slightly roasted and thrown into all dishes to enhance flavor.


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity.



Did You Know?

In the tales of Thousand and One Nights, Ali Baba gives his famous line - "Open sesame! "With those words, the cave door opens and gives him access to the treasures accumulated by the 40 thieves. This tale makes light of the importance that this plant has played in nutrition of the human body.





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