Walnut Butter

  • Organic Walnut Butter

Our sumptuously fine walnut butter is made of lightly roasted nuts for a perfectly balanced taste! With its signature sweetness in the high notes, our walnut butter has a slight bitterness in the end notes, characteristic to walnuts. Creamy, dreamy and rich, it is super easy to add to any recipe, packed with protein and has the highest Omega 3 content of any nut butter!


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic walnut paste. May contain sesame, nuts and soy.

Health Facts

Organic Walnut Butter Nutrition Facts

Culinary Uses

Super smooth and creamy, our walnut butter can be easily added to any recipe such as sauces, cookies, cakes, smoothies and so much more!

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Preserve in a cool dry place protected from light and humidity for up to 18 months.