Organic Thompson Raisins

  • Organic Thompson Raisins
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Grown in California on a family-owned farm that takes a lot of pride in the quality of their product, and for good reason too, our Thompson raisins taste like pure sunshine.

One of the oldest fruit cultivated by man, raisin are a real treat, as versatile as they are healthy. An excellent source of vitamin C, they are also rich in dietary fibre and low-glucose carbohydrates. They're the perfect snack, especially as a replacement for candy if you have a sweet tooth.

Add a handful of these organic Thompson raisins to baked goods, oatmeal, tagines, salads, rice dishes, quinoa salads and couscous! Thompson raisins, named after the man who introduced the variety of grape to California come from the same variety as the golden Sultana raisins, only much darker in colour and bigger in size.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic Thompson Raisins, Organic Sunflower Oil. May contain nut shells, nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

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Organic Thompson Raisins Nutrition Facts


Grapes and raisins have been around for a long long time now. Being the dried form of sweet grapes, raisins were discovered for the first time entirely by accident, when they were found dried on vines as early as 2000 BC. Wall paintings from the ancient times show that these dry fruits were consumed and used as decorations in the Mediterranean regions of Europe.

It is also believed that the Romans used raisins as barter currency, beautified their places of worship with them and they were given as prizes to the winners of sporting events. It was in late 19th century that raisins became popular in America, when a heat wave destroyed the grape harvest and left behind the dehydrated form.

Culinary Uses

Raisins are a classic choice for any time you crave a snack. They are delicious whether they are eaten alone or thrown together in a mix of nuts, seeds and other dried fruits (like our Kilimanjaro, Annapurna and Machu Pichu trail mixes!). Raisins are also a key ingredient in lots of recipes for breads, pastries, salads, cookies, pilafs or couscous – just use your imagination!

Need some more inspiration? Try these recipes:
Quinoa pilaf with tomatoes, roasted almonds and raisins
Carrot and raisin bread
Soft oatmeal, almond and raisin cookies
Blueberry, raisin and orange zest muffins
Quinoa salad with cucumbers, raisins and cinnamon
Mini raisin and walnut-studded carrot cakes with lime-cashew icing


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 12 months.



Did You Know?

It was in 1876 that Scottish immigrant William Thompson grew a seedless grape variety that was thin-skinned, seedless, sweet and tasty. Today, 95 percent of California raisins are made from Thompson seedless grapes.



Mmmmm! Written By: Valérie
My favorite! Buy many bags if you've got kids, because they disapear!
Thompson Raisins Written By: Leigh
They are the perfect consistency! Just dry enough yet still juicy and as with all Prana products tha I've tried full of flavour! We eat them alone, in cereal or in a homemade trail mix. Finally they are a great value for the quality and amount you get.
Do they have to be packed with oil? Written By: Jessica
These delicious raisins were my go-to as an oatmeal topping until I realized they were packed with oil. I understand now that this is fairly common with dried fruit but it would be fantastic if Prana could stray from the competition and provide brand loyalists with an oil-free option.


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