Organic Raw Brazil Nuts

  • Organic Raw Brazil Nuts
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Crunchy, nourishing and good for the Amazon rainforest

On top of all their health benefits, we love our organic raw Brazil nuts for their great crunch, their woody, fresh taste and for how sustainable they are.

Brazil nuts are the highest-known dietary source of selenium - you only need two nuts to get your daily dose of this essential mineral, which your body needs to fight inflammation, maintain a strong immune system, regulate mood and regulate thyroid function. They are also rich in protein, fibre, heart-healthy unsaturated fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E.

Our organic Brazil nuts are very interesting for their positive harvest impact and sustainability. By consuming Brazil nuts, you are contributing to protect the Amazon rainforest and supporting the livelihood of forest-based communities. Brazil nuts grow exclusively in pristine rainforest, on trees that are part of a diverse and undisturbed ecosystem. The fruits are collected by farmers on the forest floor right where they drop, which provides them with an important source of income and an economic incentive to preserve the delicate rainforest that surrounds the nut trees. Brazil nuts are therefore a truly wild and sustainable organic food.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic Brazil nuts. May contain nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

Health Facts

Organic Raw Brazil Nuts Nutrition Facts


The first noted trace of the Brazil nut dates back to 1570 when a Spanish colonel named Juan Álvarez Maldonado heard of its many nutritional benefits and started to harvest the nut to supply to his troops. The first commercial exchange of Brazil nuts happened in 1633 between Brazil and the Netherlands.

When the Amazonian River opened as a major shipping route in 1866, the Brazil nut was amongst the many products that was mass exported from the region, providing a vital source of income for local farmers. To this day the Brazil Nut remains one of the most highly exported products of the region.

Culinary Uses

Our organic raw Brazil nuts are a delicious snack whether you eat them as is, roasted, salted or sweetened. They also make for the perfect ingredient in pesto, energy bars and nut milks. Coarsely ground in a food processor with a pinch of sea salt and nutritional yeast, they make a delicious raw vegan ‘’parmesan’’, a nutritious topping for salads, roasted veggies and pasta recipes.

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Vegan cashew and Brazil nut yogurt


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard, protected from light and humidity for up to 10 months.


China / Peru / India

Did You Know?

The Brazil nut tree can can produce up to 250 pounds of nuts a year and reach up to 45 metres in height and 1-2m in diameter! For this reason, the workers cannot climb the trees to harvest the shells, and instead have to search the forest ground to collect the shells that have already fallen. The harvest can only be done in mild weather however, because wind or rain can cause the shells to drop, which could cause harm to those looking for the nuts below.


Your raw Brazil Nuts are Heavenly Written By: Justine
These raw Brazil nuts are super quality! I soak them over night then put the nuts on a baking sheet with parchment paper. I roast them in the lowest temperature in the oven all night & part of the day until they are completely dry & absolutely delicious. This is a great portable snack which I put into my pockets & when I'm on the go, & feeling hungry, I eat my nuts. They keep me satiated for hours so my blood sugar level is balanced.
Excellent product Written By: Justine
great quality, delicious!
Tasty! Written By: Alana
Love the texture and crunch of these Brazil nuts that are fresh and tasty. I can just munch on them raw and it also makes a delightful topping to my apple crisp. :) (substituted the wheat flour for ground Brazil nuts)


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