Organic Pitted Apricots

  • Organic Pitted Apricots

Sweet and deliciously juicy, these apricots are indispensable to Mediterranean cooking. These beauties are the perfect choice for a snack or as a compliment to your chutneys, tagines, cakes, granolas and pastries. Not only is their aroma and flavour reminiscent of summer but they are very high in beta-carotene and fibre which can help ward off cancers and maintain an optimal digestive track.


General Information

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Organic Pitted Apricots Nutrition Facts


The apricot is native to a northern China and was domesticated 4,000 years ago by the people of this region. The oil extracted from its seed was formerly used for medicinal purposes. The tree arrived 2,000 years ago in Europe and then it spread to the rest of the Mediterranean.

Culinary Uses

Dried apricots are very versatile in the kitchen, when rehydrated their texture resembles fresh fruits. This fruit tends to fit really well with almonds and cashews. Due to their gelatinous texture, dried apricots go with a wide variety of prepared dishes, like stuffing, soups, salads, tagines, deserts, homemade jams, fruit syrup and chutney.


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 12 months.



Did You Know?

Apricots were named in latin praecoquum or “premature” since this fruit tends to ripen quite rapidly.



Sweet, moist and delicious! Written By: Brenda
Lovely as a snack--great for when I'm craving something sweet. Great cut up and sprinkled on my oatmeal.
BEST tasting apricots we ever had Written By: Frank
BEST tasting apricots we ever had - stay soft and sweet -

GLAD I tried them.
a fav! Written By: Jenna
these are addictively delicious. I've caught myself many a time munching away to lose count of how many I've eaten, ha ha! Definitely will be ordering these again!
A pantry staple Written By: Jessica
I add chopped apricots to my oatmeal and have found that unlike other brands, these apricots stay soft and taste fresh, even after a few months in the cupboard.
Apricots of Excellence Written By: Stacey
We like to keep dried apricots on hand for baking and for occasional addition to savoury dishes. My small son also enjoys them by themselves as a treat. We've found the Prana 'cots to be sweet, flavourful, and soft. They are consistent and reliable in their flavour, too. Highly recommend.


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