Organic Dried Mangoes

  • Organic Dried Mangoes
2.2 lb

These organic, tree-ripened dried mangoes are one of our consumers favourite!

Taste the ultimate in tropical flavour with one bite of our organic dried mangoes. This delicious fruit is famous for its outstanding and authentic taste profile. Dried mangoes are a nutritious choice for the whole family because they are a good source of iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. Better than candy, they'll satisfy your most tenacious sugar cravings and offer nothing but genuine goodness and pure pleasure.

Perfect for a quick and healthy snack on the go, they’re a great way to take a break - all you have to do is take a bite, close your eyes and taste the tropics. Rehydrated in water, they can be used as a base for a mango smoothie. Our organic dried mangoes are pure, untampered exotic pleasure, without any added sugars, flavors or sulfites.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic mangoes. May contain nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

Health Facts

Organic Dried Mangoes Nutrition Facts


The mango is a tropical fruit that comes from either Burma or Pakistan. Its spread is very much linked to the Buddhist culture. It was the Spanish that first introduced the fruit to Africa, and then the Brazilians to South America. Today, the mango is harvested in many tropical regions. Our organic mangoes aren't always the same variety - size and taste might vary from harvest to harvest.

Culinary Uses

Our dried mangoes can be eaten as a snack on their own or can be chopped and added to recipes such as salads and smoothies.

Need more inspiration? Try these recipes:
Mango and orange blossom milkshake
Mango cashew bites
Mango, chia and and turmeric popsicles


Preserve in a cool dry place protected from light and humidity.


Mexico / Burkina Faso

Did You Know?

In old Pali texts and Buddhist traditions, the courtesan Ambapali vana donated a mango grove to Buddha. The purpose of the grove was for Buddha to meditate, but also to create a source of revenue, so that Buddha could concentrate his energy on his spirituality.



Pure pleasure! Written By: Pietro
I'v tried many many dried fruits, yet I keep coming back to this one. It is reassuring to see that there is but one ingredient inside (organic mangoes). Best of all, absolutely mouth-watering and always leaves a taste for another helping.
These mangoes are one of my favorite products by PRANA. Naturally sweet, dried to perfection, not too dry nor too soft, just right to my liking. They are an excellent brunch snack! We've been ordering few bags every second month because everybody in our family likes them, including our DOG! Yes! Our GSP eats them for snack too! :)
Good job PRANA!
Amazing value! Written By: Dave
Naturally sweet, no added sugar. Best tasting dried mangoes on the market and organic too!
I started ordering them a few years ago and many people I know really liked them. It has gotten to the point that I am now ordering several bags for myself, family and friends every few months.
Good but hard Written By: Kenroy
The mango strips are sweet tasting but a bit too tough to chew on, it almost takes too much effort to enjoy these.
My husband, our three and five year old boys and I cannot get enough of these. We bought two bags weekly when they were at Costco a year (or more?) ago and have been stalking this website waiting for them to be back in stock. We ordered our first case of five 1 kg bags and they're nearly gone just a couple of weeks later.
Prana has the BEST dried mango Written By: SuW
No added sugar - it doesn't need any! The sweetest chewiest natural treat! Get your sweet fix without additives or food dyes. It may take a couple chews to get started but OMG they are beyond delish! (don't forget to floss & brush after eating any dried fruit)
So tasty! Written By: Kristin
These are my favourite dried mangos ever!! They are moist, and so so flavourful! The only problem is that it's hard to not eat the whole bag in a day!
These are so addictive!!! Written By: KT
They are natural tasting and much better than other dried mangoes that are full of added sugar. Be warned once you start eating it you can't stop. :)
the best Written By: Chiara
Totally worth it! The best flavour and perfetcly dried! Really worth buying the 1kg pack
Chewy and delicious! Written By: Caitlyn
Best dried mango I have ever had! They are perfectly sweet and chewy without that hard tough exterior that most other dried mangoes have. My favourite snack as an energy boost mid-day, as satisfying as eating a bag of gummy bears but without the guilt as these are just plain good for you!
give those to kids on halloween! Written By: Samuel
They are the tastiest dried mangos that I found. This snack is perfect for bringing in your backpack when you go for an afternoon of sport or go hike a mountain.
These are the absolute tastiest snack to ever exist! Written By: Sarah
The flavour is amazing and the texture is easy to chew, even for small kids. I have tried other brands of dried organic mangoes and they do not compare with the quality of the ones Prana has. Plus the price on these is the best I have ever seen. And there is no added sugar or preservatives! You just can't beat them. Our three kids think they are the best treat, and have no idea how healthy they are!
Everybody likes those... Written By: Eric
I've discovered Prana by purchasing dry fruits and nuts in the Winners store. After a small research I found out that I could by directly and save money...

I've been buying the mango for at least 3 years and anyone that tries them fall in love with this marvelous and healthy product. I usually order around 8 kg at the time and save on the delivery. The kids can't get enough!

Thank you Prana for your wonderfull products!
So nice ! Written By: Karine
On three different companies I tried, Prana mangoes are my favorites.
The texture is not too stiff, they are not too dry nor too acid, just enough sweet.
I love them ! This is a perfect healthy snack.
Delicious! Written By: Manon
This is the healthy version of a fruit roll up!! SO GOOD!!! and you don't feel any regret having these as a snack knowing that it's good for you!

taste very good and different other supplier, better quality Written By: marjorie
small pack is easy to storage at home