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Most sustainable sweetener in the world, coconut palm sugar is a low glycemic sweetener that comes from the sap of the coconut palm tree. This sugar has been used for centuries as a traditional sweetener in South-East Asia where coconut palm trees are abundant.


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Culinary Uses

Coconut palm sugar can replace white, brown refined sugar as well as cane sugar in equal amounts in any recipe. It is an excellent alternative for diabetics who are looking for a sweet, nutritious alternative to replace other high glycemic index sweeteners.

Coconut palm sugar dissolves perfectly into liquid which allows it to be a great addition to your coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, hot and spicy sauce, ice cream, Asian cuisine (curry, green papaya salad) and much more.


Can be kept in a cool, dry area away from the sun and humidity.



Did You Know?

Staple food in South-East Asian cuisine for thousands of years, the coconut palm tree has been named the “Tree of life”, as it provides everything the body needs to survive – food, hydration & shelter.



Excellent Sweetener Written By: Stacey
Coconut Sugar is our preferred sweetener, and the Prana Coconut Sugar is particularly nice. I am personally sensitive to the effects of many sweeteners that elevate blood sugar, and have trouble with such sweeteners as maple syrup and agave. However, coconut sugar is a very 'gentle' sweetener. It is great for wholesome baked goods, and my son also enjoys it on his oatmeal. I will often use coconut sugar as the main sweetener in my baked goods, but then add a little bit of another brighter sweetener if needed. The flavour of coconut sugar is very mellow -- perhaps lacking the very bright high notes of some other sweeteners that one might want for very decadent desserts. However for daily use, it's just perfect. Oatmeal cookies made with coconut sugar? Yes please!


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