Time to get Proactiv

by Prana

We’ve been over how amazing chia is for you, but did you know probiotics are equally as awesome?

In fact, we’ve made a product specifically to combine all the benefits of those two amazing things, and we’ve called it ProactivChia. Being proactive about something means acting in anticipation of future problems, and coincidentally, that’s exactly what this magical chia does.

See, probiotics are “good” bacteria that hang out in your digestive system and contribute to healthy gut flora. That means they can prevent a host of unpleasant digestive issues, help you stay regular, help you recover after a round of antibiotics.

Chia, on the other hand, is rich in minerals like calcium and iron, a great source of protein and fibre, and provide you with all the omega-3s you need in a day. These magical seeds keep your body strong and healthy.

So what do you get when you combine all the benefits of probiotics with all the benefits of chia?

A lot of benefits.

Now that’s what we call being proactive about your health.


Try our ProactivChia in one of those awesome recipes:

Double chocolate ProactivChia smoothie bowl Raspberry granola ProactivChia pudding ProactivChia overnight oatmeal
Apple-nut parfait Orange-carrot smoothie Avocado-strawberry ProactivChia popsicles
Brown rice, kale and ProactivChia salad ProactivChia lemonade Olive date and ProactivChia farro salad
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