The perfect smoothies to tide you over until spring

by Prana

It's almost March, and we're ready to kiss winter goodbye... but it ain't over 'til it's over! Just a bit longer until the first buds, the first leaves and the first sweet rays of spring sunshine.

In the meantime, whether you need something comforting to help tide you over, or a vitamin bomb to perk you up, here are our 8 best smoothie recipes to put some pep in your step until spring comes. For breakfast, snack or dessert, they won't let you down when the last storm of the season comes!

The perky ones

Wake me up smoothie

Smoothie réveil-matin

This smoothie looks and tastes like sunshine. Start your day with citrus, Brazil nuts, ginger and turmeric - it's the best!

Green kale and pineapple smoothie

Smoothie kale-ananas

Pretty and delicious, this mix of pineapple, ginger and date with nutritious kale and energizing maca will put some pep in your step!

Vitamin smoothie with apple, carrot and orange

Smoothie carotte-pomme-orange

So simple yet so effective, the mix of apples, carrots and orange is the ultimate feel-good for your body. It's just what the doctor ordered!

Golden smoothie with pineapple and turmeric

Smoothie d'or

Made with almond and coconut milk, this smoothie is so refreshing and so full of tropical fruity goodness, you'll think you were sipping it on a beach!


The comforting ones

Banana, tahini and date smoothie  

Smoothie banane, dattes et tahini

Creamy and unusual, this fantastic mix of sesame butter, banana and dates is almost more of a dessert than a smoothie - not that we're complaining!

Chocolate-hazelnut butter smoothie

Smoothie choco-noisette

We'll never say it enough: hazelnuts and chocolate are a match made in taste bud heaven. Thanks to maca, this smoothie will perk you right up!

Green smoothie with spinach and almond butter

Smoothie crémeux épinard-amande

Rich and smooth thanks to our almond butter, and filling thanks to ProactivChia and hemp seeds, it may be green but it's oh so comforting!

Banana, hazelnut & cashew milk smoothie

Banana, hazelnut & cashew milk smoothie

Made with cashew milk for a sweet and rich taste that's a nice change from your usual almond-milk based smoothies, you'll be asking for more!

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