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Life is meant to be lived, which means taking advantage of every chance you get to get up and go. When Steph Audet and I packed into our 1975 Westfalia, or as we like to call it, our Goodnessfalia, with nothing but our sense of adventure, our surfboards and a road map to Nova Scotia, we knew we'd find inspiration. From cliff jumping at Hell's Gate to beachfront BBQs, we found good company, wholesome foods and the great outdoors to be the key to Prana (which is Sanskrit for vital energy).

Adventure is leaving the comfort of your surroundings and finding something new and unknown to you. In the company of your best friends and family, you can find a richness that money simply cannot buy. These are the memories that last, and that will fuel your appetite for life as you navigate towards your next adventure. Grab awesome by the bag with PRANA, and take life by it's horns.

- Marie Richer, co-founder of PRANA

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You can always expect something exciting and delicious from the PRANA team - an eclectic mix of culinary adventurists.


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