8 green recipes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

by Prana

St. Patrick's Day celebrations are all about exuberant joy and excess. While we love a good bit of fun, we're always looking for healthier alternatives. We also love green, especially when it's in our plate, and we’d never miss a chance to share our favourite green recipes with you! On the menu: avocado, kale, matcha and so many other goodies! Here are 8 beautifully green recipes so you can celebrate in a healthy way!

1. Kale, basil and hemp pestoKale basil hemp pesto

This aromatic and fresh pesto is ready in 10 minutes flat and goes with everything. Freeze it in an ice cube mold if you have too much… but then again, can you ever have too much pesto?

2. Matcha almond milkMatcha almond milk

A refreshing twist on the classic almond milk, this delicious drink is made with matcha powder and sweetened with a dollop of maple syrup. Warm it up and foam it to make an awesome matcha latte!

3. Vegan Caesar saladVegan Caesar salad

The key to a good Caesar salad is the dressing - and we’ve got a killer cashew-based recipe for that! Sprinkle the salad with our vegan parmesan and enjoy, it’s really that simple!

4. Alon's kale chipsAlon's kale chips

Our president and co-founder Alon makes the best kale chips ever. Lucky for you, we asked for his recipe!

5. Green kale-pineapple smoothieGreen kale-pineapple smoothie

Wake up and face the day thanks to this nutrient-packed tropical smoothie. Pineapple and kale might sound like a weird combination but trust us, it’s a winner.

6. Almond and salsa stuffed avocadoAlmond and tomato salsa stuffed avocado

Chances are, you already have the ingredients you need to make these delightful stuffed avocados - all you have to do is plan ahead and soak the almonds overnight to make them easier to digest and peel!

7. Avocado pasta with tomato salsa and vegan parmesanAvocado pasta with tomato salsa and vegan parmesan

Sometimes, you just want to throw a few things together and make it look fancy, without much effort. This is the recipe for you. It’s ready in 20 minutes flat, and the sauce pretty much makes itself in the blender while the pasta cooks. Not bad, huh?

8. Chia, matcha and avocado puddingChia, matcha and avocado pudding

Great for breakfast, dessert or sneaked into a lunch box! This chia pudding is topped with a rich and creamy avocado and matcha smoothie, and it’s as delicious as it is good for you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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