8 delicious recipes to try in March

by Prana

It's March and we are ready to kiss winter goodbye. After months of dreary darkness, cold, snow and ice, we need to add extra colours and flavours to our diet and stock up on goodness to tide us over until spring. Here are 8 recipes that'll cheer you up, energize you and get you ready for a new season!

1. Cauliflower pizza with cashew ricotta, olives and arugula  

Cauliflower pizza

Cashew ricotta, olives and arugula: that’s the holy trifecta of pizza toppings right there! The recipe itself is simple: pulse cauliflower in the food processor, blanch it quickly (a nut milk bag comes in very handy here), make it into a dough and then cook it until it’s crispy!

2. Overnight oats with cacao, almond butter and maca

Overnight oats

The almond butter and almond milk, the cacao powder and the maca really come together to make this a super satisfying, decadent breakfast. All you have to do is assemble the night before and spoon into smaller containers in the morning. Portable and delicious, that’s the way we like it!

3. Sweet and sour tofu with roasted cashews

Sweet and sour tofu

If you’re looking for a fun, super tasty and easy way to cook your plain tofu, look no further: this recipe’s quick to whip up and will definitely add some flair to your weeknight dinners!

4. Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

That’s it, we're done here. We’ve officially made THE best chocolate-almond cookies, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve! These ones are made with naturally gluten-free coconut or rice flour, powdered almonds and delicious chocolate chips.

5. Quick n’ easy miso soup to go with roasted cashews and pumpkin seeds

Instant miso soup

Who doesn’t likea prep-free, stress-free and seriously good-looking lunch? This one’s full of colourful vegetables, roasted nuts and crunchy pumpkin seeds. All you have to do is add hot water and let it cook itself to perfection!

6. Dragon bowl with veggies, lentils and activated almonds

Lentil dragon bowl

We love dragon bowls: they’re colourful, super-healthy and quick to assemble. What’s so special about this one? The activated almonds: they’ve been soaked overnight to become more digestible and nutritionally valuable. Talk about an original twist!

7. Homemade vegan mayo with turmeric

Vegan mayo

Making mayo that’s both vegan and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated: all you need is a few simple ingredients and about 5 minutes. Now you can have homemade vegan mayo on hand all the time!

8. The ultimate vegan chocolate mini-cakes

Vegan chocolate mini-cakes

When it comes to chocolate, we do not play around. There you have ‘em: the ultimate vegan chocolate mini cakes. Use funky cake pans to give them a fun shape and don’t hold back on the chocolate ganache!



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