Our 8 best tofu recipes

by Prana

Tofu can be a bit tricky to prepare, and while it's neutral enough to be highly versatile, sometimes you're just not very inspired by it. Lucky for you, we're here! We've compiled our favourite flavour combinations and meal suggestions for you, from skewers to tacos, stews and salads. Take your pick and learn to love tofu!

1. Marinated tofu and grilled veggie skewers

Brochette de tofu

2. Tofu à la provençale

Tofu à la provençale

3. Tofu curry

Mijoté de tofu au cari

4. Vegan Pad Thai with tofu and cashews

Pad Thai au tofu

5. Tofu Banh mi with Jive spicy coconut chips

Banh mi au tofu

6. Vegan cashew-based butter tofu

Tofu au beurre

7. Grilled tofu, olive, cranberry and sundried tomato quinoa salad

Salade de quinoa au tofu grillé

8. Thai tofu tacos

Tacos au tofu

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