7 Steps to Open and Balance Your Chakra

by Melissa Salvaggio

Is your communication muddled, your inspiration dwindled or creativity stunted? As we grow into a more conscious world we begin to see that our reality mirrors what is happening within us. Our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies are affected by the energy that flows through and between us.

This life force energy, Prana, should flow fluidly in a spiral motion to 7 main energy centers throughout the body along the spine, the chakras. Open and balance chakras with color, crystals, meditation, sound, yoga, aromas, and food. Here is how to eat your way back to your optimal blueprint by choosing foods that raise your vibrations.


Root ChakraStarting at the base of the spine is the ROOT chakra. Red representing stability, groundedness and passion. Eat root vegetables like beets, garlic, ginger, potatoes, and carrots. Add hot spices, chives, cayenne, and paprika to charge this chakra. Feel the earth with your toes, go barefoot, or sit on the ground and light cedar incense. 


Sacral ChakraThe SACRAL chakra, below the navel, is represented by the color orange. For creativity and intimacy as well as accepting change, choose fruits of the same color: orange, papaya, melon, mango. Use herbs like coriander and fennel; Spices like cinnamon and vanilla for a boost of tolerance and patience.  Eat nuts. 



solar chakraThe third chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS, the point of personal power and self-love allowing us to manifest intentions and bask in prosperity. Yellow foods clear and charge this chakra especially bananas, yellow peppers, corn, yellow lentils. Avoid foods that take time to absorb like sugar and white flour. Opt instead for granola, flax seed, sunflower seed, and chia seed. Use peppermint essential oil, steep chamomile, cook with cumin or turmeric. 


Heart ChakraBridging the lower physical chakras to the upper spirit chakras is the HEART chakra. For love, connection, compassion, forgiveness, and trust, it is embodied by the color green and calls for veggies of the same color. Broccoli, kale, spinach and herbs like basil, sage, thyme, cilantro. Take a lavender bath and sip jasmine tea.

 Chakras of Spirit


Throat ChakraThe fifth chakra is of the THROAT by the color blue encouraging expression and truth. For clearer communication, eat tree-growing fruits like, apples, pears. Tart or tangy fruit like lemon, lime, and grapefruit enhance this chakra. 



Third EyeWe look to the THIRD EYE chakra for fortified intuition, imagination, visualization which vibrates to the color indigo: eggplant, grapes, blueberries, black currant, and purple cabbage. Awaken and clarify your inner wisdom, your values and your dreams with a small piece of dark chocolate for this chakra as well.


Crown ChakraAt the highest point of the body is  the CROWN chakra where enlightenment, bliss and divinity exists. Representing purification, this chakra prefers fresh air as a detoxifier linking us to a higher guidance. Become fearless and connect to your spiritual strength. 



Feed your highest potential by aligning your chakras and experience an effortless flow. Your body expresses in subtle ways to let you know something’s off kilter. Check in to notice imbalanced or overactive chakras (an excess of energy flow). Fuel up and feel vibrant.   

Melissa Salvaggio
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