6 truly indulgent desserts

by Prana

Is dessert your favourite part of the meal? We're with you on that one. It's always good to treat yourself, especially when the treats involve wholesome ingredients! These 6 recipes are the best of both worlds: indulgence in good conscience!


1. Mini chocolate-avocado ice cream sandwiches

Biscuits aux amandes et crème au chocolat

2. Hazelnut-chocolate mousse with ProactivChia berry jam

Mousse choco-noisette

3. Cashew, coffee and chocolate chip vegan ice cream

Crème glacée végétalienne

4. Raw berry tarts with coconut cream

Tartelettes crues

5. Roast fruit with ice cream and maple roasted nuts

Fruits rôtis

6. Vegan molten chocolate cake

Fondant au chocolat

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