Get Your Maple On: 6 maple recipe to celebrate sugaring off season!

by Prana

You know us, we have a real sweet tooth. That's why we always have a big bag of Amandine, our maple syrup almonds, or Go Nuts, our maple syrup mixed nuts, on hand for emergencies. When the craving strikes on the go, there's nothing better!

We're extra happy because April is sugaring off season - Hurray! You probably noticed that we love using maple syrup and maple sugar in as many recipes as possible. Maple products are great alternative sweeteners, rich in nutritional elements and absolutely delicious to boot. If you're curious, you can learn more about alternative and refined sugars here!

1. Maple-turmeric oatmeal with homemade squash butterMaple-turmeric oatmeal with homemade squash butter

It’s hard to find a better way to start your day: this breakfast is hot and comforting, with complex flavours of maple, squash and spices, sweet, aromatic and absolutely indulgent. Turmeric is also a powerful ingredient - you can learn more about turmeric's many health benefits here!

2. Maple and cardamom cashew milkMaple and cardamom cashew milk

This wonderfully aromatic non-roasted cashew milk can be a great base for lattes and smoothies, a fun replacement for plain nut milk in your favourite recipes, or just the perfect companion to a few really good homemade cookies. You pick!

3. Apple, cranberry and kale salad with BBQ tempehApple, cranberry and kale salad with BBQ tempeh

How do we turn a delicious kale salad into a complete, protein-packed meal, you ask? By adding BBQ-marinated grilled tempeh, of course!

4. Maple-spice roasted squash with Brussels sprouts, pecans and cranberriesMaple-spice roasted squash with Brussels sprouts, pecans and cranberries

Whether you’ve got people coming over for dinner or you just feel like cooking something a bit fancy, this recipe is the perfect mix of easy, sweet, savoury and crunchy.

5. Gluten-free apple and pear crispGluten-free apple and pear crisp

Gluten free doesn’t have to be boring, and this recipe is proof! Lightly spiced and generously coated in maple syrup goodness, this apple and pear crisp is a great way to get more fruit in your diet!

6. Citrus sangria with maple syrup and pomegranateCitrus sangria with maple syrup and pomegranate

In the happy hour competitions, this citrusy sangria always comes out on top. The final touch? A few ruby-red pomegranate arils for decoration!

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