6 chocolate-filled recipes just in time for Easter!

by Prana

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the long weekend! If you can, take some time to treat your loved ones, and yourself too, with these delicious chocolatey recipes. Here at PRANA, we only use organic raw cacao powder, 70% cacao dark chocolate and unrefined alternative sweeteners like maple syrup (find out why we're all about that), which will definitely save you the painful sugar hangover from typical Easter sweets. Besides, it's a fact: chocolate's great for your mood! Now you can indulge in good conscience :)

1. Homemade chocolate hazelnut spreadHomemade chocolate hazelnut spread

Interested in making your own Nutella so you can know exactly what’s in it? Look no further, we have the perfect recipe. It’s been tested by lots of PRANA employees and they all agree: it’s bettert than the original!

2. Chocolate-covered coconut barsChocolate-covered coconut bars

If you’re going to start making your own versions of popular commercial products, you might as well keep going and make those delicious Bounty-style coconut bars, lovingly coated in dark chocolate!

3. Choco-orange truffles Choco-orange truffles

Homemade truffles are as delicious as they are easy to make - all you have to do is get your hands a little dirty in the process! It’s also the perfect gift. When we fill the boxes, it’s one for me and one for you, all the way through!

4. Viennese hot maca chocolateViennese hot maca chocolate

When the midday sugar craving hits, the best remedy is often a nice cup of this rich and decadent hot chocolate with a pinch of raw maca powder for energy, and topped with a generous spoonful of whipped coconut cream!

5. Vegan molten chocolate cakeVegan molten chocolate cake

This decadent chocolate cake has a molten center that surfaces the second you plunge your spoon in it. Make sure you eat it when it’s still warm from the oven for maximum pleasure!

6. Fleur de sel chocolate chip cookiesFleur de sel chocolate chip cookies

We’re big fans of the dark chocolate and sea salt pairing (see these, these and these). These cookies are the ultimate indulgence, soft and chewy, with a deep chocolate flavour!

How do you celebrate Easter?

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