5 decadent recipes featuring our new chocolate barks!

by Prana

We love our new chocolate barks so much we’re putting them in everything! With flavours like crunchy rice and hazelnuts, almonds and sea salt, caramelized nuts and dried fruit and nuts, they're impossible to resist! While they make a great snack on the go, they're also really fun to use in recipes. Here are 5 recipes that prove it, from mousses to chia parfaits made that much more delicious with the help of our chocolate bark!

1. Vegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba and No MYLK'N Chocolaty BarkVegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba and No MYLK'N Chocolaty Bark

A chocolate mousse that’s vegan AND easy to make? We’ve got you covered with this recipe. All you have to do is use aquafaba, chickpea cooking or soaking water, in place of egg whites and watch the magic happen before your eyes. Be generous with the topping of hazelnuts and crispy rice 40% chocolaty bark, it's the best part!

2. Choco-banana chia parfait with ALGARVE Chocolate BarkChoco-banana chia parfait with ALGARVE Chocolate Bark

Breakfast, snack, dessert? You pick! The combination of fresh bananas and chocolate, along with two flavours of chia pudding and a good handful of 62% chocolate bark with sea salt and almonds, makes for a great combination of palate-pleasing flavours. Enjoy!

3. Hazelnut shortbreads with CARAZEL Chocolate BarkHazelnut shortbreads with CARAZEL Chocolate Bark

These shortbread cookies have a wonderful nutty taste - that’s because we’ve switched out part of the flour in the dough for powdered hazelnuts! Add plenty of caramelized nuts and sea salt 62% chocolate bark and watch all the pieces melt in the oven while the cookies are baking - it’s better than TV!

4. Decadent chocolate cake with CARAZEL chocolate barkDecadent chocolate cake with CARAZEL chocolate bark

This phenomenal cake will dazzle at any occasion. Don’t hold back on the fabulous icing, made with dark chocolate and hazelnut butter, and be generous with the chocolate bark - that’s the key to success with this decadent dessert!

5. Chocolate mousse, white chocolate creme and NO MYLK'N Chocolaty BarkChocolate mousse, white chocolate creme and NO MYLK'N Chocolaty Bark

This 4-part stunner is the perfect fancy dessert: a hazelnut-chocolate mousse resting on a crunchy almond and date base, coated with a luscious homemade white chocolate creme and topped with No Mylk’n chocolaty bark. This dessert is not messing around.

Have you had enough chocolate? If not, here’s more decadent chocolate recipes for when the craving strikes. Now all you have to do is stock up on our chocolate bark, and get thee to the kitchen!

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