17 amazing gluten-free recipes you need to try!

by Prana

We know that sticking to a strictly gluten-free diet is no picnic. That's why all of PRANA's products and ingredients are certified gluten-free! But beyond that, we've also made sure that most of our 400+ vegan recipes are either naturally gluten-free, or really easy to adapt! Here are a few of our best gluten-free recipes so you can safely and freely enjoy all that delicious food, and especially those decadent chocolatey desserts!

It's worth noting that we didn't include any of our smoothie, hot drink and nut milk recipes - that's because they're all gluten-free, so make sure you check them out later! Also, it's implied that you should be using gluten-free oats (like these) or, if you can't tolerate oats, replace with your favourite rice, quinoa or millet flakes.

1. Gluten-free banana coconut loaf with Prana’s Kilimanjaro trail mixGluten-Free Banana Coconut Loaf with Prana’s Kilimanjaro Trail Mix

You haven't had banana bread until you've had this version with its perfect crust (thanks, coconut oil!), dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate chunks (thanks, Kilimanjaro mix!). 

2. Almond cookies filled with chocolate avocado creamAlmond cookies filled with chocolate avocado cream

Two perfectly soft almond cookies held together by the creamiest avocado-based chocolate filling. Whether you end up freezing it or eating it right away, it's a fantastic treat!

3. Gluten-free apple and pear crispGluten-free apple and pear crisp

A perfect dinner party dessert, winter dessert, or anytime dessert. Hurray!

4. Gluten-free pistachio lime cakeGluten-free pistachio lime cake

Soft and delicately flavoured, this cake is especially great when glazed with our cashew-lime icing!

5. Gluten-free hazelnut-cacao cookiesGluten-free hazelnut-cacao cookies

Haven't we already established that hazelnuts + chocolate = heaven? We'll leave this here just in case you need extra convincing...

6. Gluten-free brownies with pecans and cacao nibsGluten-free brownies with pecans and cacao nibs

The pecans and the cacao nibs make this a crunchy, rich treat. They'll make all your loved ones very happy... if you can manage to share, that is!

7. Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Hands down our favourite chocolate chip recipe, with a great nutty taste because we've swapped half the flour with powdered almonds

8. Gluten-free coconut pancakesGluten-free coconut pancakes

You really can't go wrong with fluffy, coconutty pancakes. Serve with our field berry chia jam for extra goodness! 

9. Seed and nut bread with dates Seed and nut bread with dates

Crunchy and super nutritious, this nut & seed bread is a great post-workout snack. Keep extra slices in the freezer for a quick fix!

10. Sweet potato bites with guacamole and almond salsaSweet potato bites with guacamole and almond salsa

You want to steal the spotlight at your next potluck? This is your ticket to stardom. The almond salsa brings a terrific crunch for a truly satisfying bite!

11. Gluten-free banana muffins with blueberries, pecans and chocolate chunksGluten-free banana muffins with blueberries, pecans and chocolate chunks

If cake for breakfast is your jam, these nutty, fruity beauties will quickly become your BFFs!

12. Soft and chewy chocolate-hemp squares with coconutSoft and chewy chocolate-hemp squares with coconut

A chocolatey treat with all the benefits of hemp and chia seeds, now that's a snack we can get behind!

13. Gluten-free chocolate-dipped cookies with almond powderGluten-free chocolate-dipped cookies with almond powder

A cookie made with powdered almonds and then dipped in melted dark chocolate... sounds like heaven, right?

14. Creamy cacao pie with pecan crustCreamy cacao pie with pecan crust

This pie is so good, your guests won't believe you when you tell them what the secret ingredient is.... check out the recipe to find out for yourself!

15. Overnight oats with cacao, almond butter and maca Overnight oats with cacao, almond butter and maca

This is the ultimate breakfast: filling, fibre-rich, ridiculously convenient and absolutely delicious. You'll be happy to get up in the morning just for that!

16. Colours of Fall gluten-free veggie pâté

This sweet potato and Brazil nut pâté is one tasty and good-looking snack / appetizer / sandwich spread!

17. Gluten-free all-purpose flour mixGluten-free all-purpose flour mix

A versatile blend you can use to replace wheat flour in your favourite cake, cookie and muffin recipes 1-for-1!

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