Sumsuma - Sesame Squares

  • Sumsuma - Sesame Squares
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"I will never eat another cookie again thanks to these delicious squares. Absolutely wonderful!" - Mimi Reese

Oh, these addictive little sesame bites will bring up childhood memories!

This perfect mix of dry-roasted sesame seeds and fairly traded cane sugar bliss is a crunchy and utterly satisfying version of the classic sesame snaps of your childhood. Each delicious square is crafted and cut by hand in our Montreal factory - its irregular shape is proof that this treat is made with care and love!

Rich in fibre, sesame seeds are a long forgotten super seed with great nutritional value. As irresistible as they are crunchy, they’re great for slipping into lunchboxes and desk drawers for a snack that’s pure pleasure!


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Sesame seeds*, Cane sugar*. Organic sugar traded in compilance with Fairtrade Standards, total 40%.

Contains sesame seeds. May contain nut shells.

Health Facts

Sumsuma - Sesame Squares Nutrition Facts

Culinary Uses

As irresistible as they are crunchy, they're great for slipping into lunch boxes and desk drawers for a deliciously healthy snack that's pure pleasure! Sumsuma squares also go really well with your cup of tea as an original replacement for a cookie.


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 8 months.


Hand-made in Montreal, our Sumsuma sesame squares are made in small batches to ensure that our product is as fresh as possible.

Did You Know?

The word “Sumsum” means sesame in Arabic and Hebrew!



Slight adjustment Written By: nikee
I like this product but I think it would taste so much better if the sugar was not brunt, it ends up with a bitter after taste.
Delightful! Written By: Kari
These sesame snacks are simply delightful! They are sweet, but not too sweet, crunchy, and filling. My whole family loves them. They're great to have in the car to hold kids over until dinner time. They're perfect for school lunches, since they don't contain nuts. They bring back happy childhood memories. Best of all, they are simply fun to eat!
So Good! Written By: France
I love them so much! They taste so good. They are crunchy a pure pleasure!
The very best Written By: Wendy
I picked up a bag in a rush at Montreal airport and it has become my favourite treat. I find it sweet and nutty with a slight bitter linger. I think I would be afraid to open a 1kg pack for myself GONE.
Amazing snack! Written By: Rimma
This is the best snack ever!!! They are perfectly balanced, not too sweet, with a great texture! I could eat them every day!!!
Sesame Squares Written By: Michele
Who would have thought sesame seeds could be so delicious!!! You can savour these little squares as they melt in your mouth like candy then your left with a chewy sensation!! These little snack bites are absolutely delicious!! I have purchased them with every order Ive placed and at least 10 people I know are hooked on them!!!! lol They beat candy any day!!!!
A handy, delicious snack! Written By: Shannon
I found these at my local Metro, and as someone with as many dietary restrictions as I have, it's wonderful to have a treat that I can keep in the cupboard. They are a great addition to my lunches at work as an afternoon snack, or with my cup of tea. They have a delicious, kinda sweet/kinda nutty flavour and a nice crisp when you bite them! They fill the craving for a cookie, or for a cracker if I'm craving something crunchy.
Delicious! Written By: Catherine
These sweet squares are the best!
What a delicious snack! Perfect for a little afternoon pick-me-up!
Satisfying snacking at its best! Written By: George Zakhem
Since discovering these at my local health food store - they've become a mainstay in my pantry. The right amount of sweet, the right amount of crunch, and incredibly satisfying. They're great snacks whether I'm hiking with my dog in the Gatineau Hills, or catching up on my favorite TV shows at home on the couch. If you're going to enjoy them while playing your guitar - use a fork - sesame seeds can be difficult to remove from your fret board!
Great snack! Written By: Beverly
I was never a fan of sesame squares until I tried these! I love them. Whenever I place an order with Prana, they are on the list.
Delish Written By: Mimi Reese
I will never eat another cookie again thanks to these delicious squares. Absolutely wonderful!


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