Shipping, Refunds & Returns

The customer has 5 business days following pick-up or reception of their order to request a reimbursement or exchange. If your item was damaged during delivery please provide details and a picture of the item and send it to Furthermore, if you receive the wrong item, please contact our customer service by phone so we may correct the situation as quickly as possible. 

After this time period, NO RETURNS and NO REIMBURSEMENT will be accepted on all our products due to several reasons: improper handling, possible tampering, quality, freshness and liability. We have no way of knowing what someone does with the product once it is out of our hands. Therefore we never accept returns to ensure your safety, and your privilege of getting the freshest and best quality products available. 

If you have any issues or concerns regarding a product, please email or contact us by phone and we will gladly answer any inquiries you may have.


Where do you ship?

Prana BioVegan Inc ships to Canada and Contiguous United States

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Regular orders generally leave our warehouse within 1-2 days. Regular shipments are with Fedex in the US and Canada Post or Fedex in Canada. Express shipping orders will be processed in priority and leave our warehouse within 24 hours after the order is placed.

Can I track my order?

Of course! What fun would online shopping be without anticipating your package? We’ll keep you updated via email while we complete your order. And we’ll send you a tracking number so you can track its progress to your door. Look up the status of your order at any time. Just log in to your profile to view your order history. Your tracking number will be available here as well.

How much does shipping cost?

Your shipping rate options are displayed in your shopping cart at the time of check-out and/or transaction processing, they vary depending your location and basket size.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping to Canada when you spend $100 or more, before tax and after all promotions. Some postal codes are excluded from our free shipping policy.

EXCLUDED Postal Codes - Canada Post

  • A0A - A0N
  • A1K - A1M
  • A1S - A2N
  • A5A - A8A
  • G0G
  • J0M
  • P0L
  • P0T
  • P0W
  • R0B
  • R0C
  • S0J
  • T0A - T0V
  • T1L
  • T1W
  • T9H - T9K
  • V0A - V0X
  • X0A - X0G
  • Y0A - Y0B

 INCLUDED Postal Codes - FedEx

Please note that a minimum of $150 order subtotal is required for some regions to qualify for free shipping.

Nova Scotia






K0A - K0J


B1A - B2A

G0L - G0S

K0K - K0Z

R1A - R6W

B2G - B4Z

G0X - G4Q

K1A - K9Z



G4R - G4S

L0A - L3Q



G4U - G4W

L3R - L4C




L4D - L4I



G5B - G5C

L4J - L4O



G5D - G5U

L4P - L4S



G5V - G6Z

L4T - L5Z



G7A - G9Z

L6A - L6G



H0A - H0Z

L6H - L6Z



H1A - H9Z

L7A - L9Z



J0A - J0K

M0A - M0Z



J0L - J0M

M1A - M9Z



J0N - J0W








J0Y - J0Z

N0C - N0F



J1A - J7Z




J8A - J8H

N0H - N0Z



J8I - J9D

N1A - N9Z



J9E - J9G

P0A - P0S



J9H - J9J

P1A - P1G



J9K - J9Z

P3A - P3K