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Fruit of the Pouteria lucuma, an indigenous tree native to the subtropical region of Peru, this sweet fruit has been revered for its high nutritional content. Low glycemic food, the “Gold of the gods”, as it has been called, helps control sugar levels in the blood. Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals such as iron, this exotic fruit help reduce bad cholesterol levels and helps with hemoglobin production.


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Lucuma also called “Gold of the Incas”, a native of Peru, was regularly used by the Incas. Prana’s lucuma is imported from that exact same origin. Lucuma has been found on ceramics at burial sites of the indigenous people of coastal Peru. The Moche people, native to Peru, had a fascination with agriculture and often chose to represent fruits and vegetables, including lucuma, in their art.

Culinary Uses

Lucuma is very nutritious and is a perfect food to pair with culinary delights. Lucuma powder will add aroma, flavour as well as a sweet touch to any meal. This sweetener is also a perfect sugar and egg substitute. But make sure to adjust your recipes sugar content as lucuma is sweeter in taste than cane sugar. Add it to your deserts, cakes, yogourts, juices and much more. A perfect combination with ice-cream and sorbets!

Emulsifying agent, lucuma powder will mix oils and fats with sugars and sweeteners. One egg is equivalent to 20g of lucuma powder.


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity.



Did You Know?

One Pouteria Lucuma tree can produce up to 500 fruits a year! When there was a bad harvest or if the food reserves were to run out, this fruit was an important food source for the Inca, who adored this tree.



Lucuma Written By: Rita
It's incrediably nice! It also has a very nice carrmel taste.
The perfect sweetener Written By: Jessica
This raw lucuma powder tastes amazing on oatmeal and in smoothies! It adds just the right amount of sweetness.


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