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Flavourful high-energy supernut, walnuts help protect against cancer with its high nutritional content. Most concentrated source of polyphenols of any nut, its antioxidant powers helps protect against cardiovascular health and premature aging.


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The walnut comes from the center of France and was not introduced to America until the 18th century.

Culinary Uses

Its flavour and softness makes it a perfect nut to pair with most recipes. Try them in muffins, cookies, smoothies and even salads! Try our maple covered walnuts in our Go Nuts snack mix!


Can be preserved for up to 8 months, if stored in the refrigerator


United States of America/Uzbekistan

Did You Know?

During the Middle-Ages, walnut oil served as a way to pay the Lord’s taxes. It was considered to be as precious as gold.





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