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Wild organic raw pecans just like Native Americans used to eat.

Those unique organic American Native raw pecans are native non hybridized variety, a truly wild nut you can enjoy just like natives from the Mid-West were enjoying. They grow on non-cloned, non-hybridized trees, making them tastier and nutritionally superior to industrially-produced nuts. We get ours from local growers, most of them family farmers, who are certified American Native pecan growers.

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Gluten Free Gmo Free Organic Vegan Raw

Prized for their buttery, rich taste, raw pecans contain minerals such as manganese, copper and zinc. They are also a source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can lower the risk of heart disease. They’re also rich in many B-complex vitamins that work together to keep the body’s metabolism optimal.


Organic pecans.

May contain traces of nutshells, nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.




Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard, protected from light and humidity for up to 2 month and up to 12 months if kept in the refrigerator.

Culinary Uses & Recipes

Our sumptuous organic raw pecans are a great snack on the go, especially for young kids because they’re tender and easy to chew. They're also a great addition to all sorts of desserts, especially the classic pecan pie! They have a strong taste, similar to that of a walnut, and make a great crunchy topping for vegetable dishes, salads and soups.

Need more inspiration? Try these recipes:
Festive chocolate mulberry pecan granola
Pecan caramel bites
Cinnamon rolls topped with pecans
Warm brown rice salad with kale, pecans and ProactivChia
Apple, pecan and ProactivChia parfait
Vegan gluten-free brownies with cacao nibs and pecans
Banana, Medjool date and pecan muffins
Rustic field berry pecan tart with chocolate
Maple-spice roasted squash with Brussels sprouts, pecans and cranberries
Spiced shortbread cookies with pecans and apricots
Creamy cacao pie with pecan crust

Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts

Creamy cacao pie with pecan crust

When brought to a birthday supper a few weeks ago, this creamy pie was a definite success, and every guest wanted to know the recipe! They were particularly surprised when they found out that it contained zucchini - but if you're serving it to kids, that can stay our little secret. Why the zucchini? It lightens up an already quite rich cashew-based filling, and can be used in a number of sweet desserts. Its neutral flavour works great with the bitterness of cacao. This recipe is a perfect go-to when it comes to birthday parties. You'll make everyone who tries it fall in love! Keep this vegan cream pie firm by keeping it in the fridge, or, if frozen. taking it out and leaving it on the counter for 30 minutes before you serve it.

Get the recipe here!

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