Organic Pitted Prunes

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Sweet and aromatic goodness

From bloom to drying, our organic pitted prunes have been carefully selected for their great texture and taste in order to give you the ultimate sensory experience. Bite into one of those prunes and you’ll taste little piece of Northern California heaven.

Prunes are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially iron. They're also very rich in dietary fibre, which is why they're often presented as a laxative or digestive aid. Prunes make an irresistible raw snack, whether you’re on the go or you just need a little break from work. They're also a great cooking ingredient if you want to add a sweet and exotic touch to your appetizers, grain dishes, tagines, salads and of course, delicious desserts.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic prunes. May contain nut shells, nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

Health Facts

Organic Pitted Prunes Nutrition Facts


Plums are originally from Damascus and were introduced to France after an invasion during the 15th century. Sailors ate them regularly to prevent scurvy. Plum trees were brought to the New World during the 19th century.

Culinary Uses

Prunes make for an excellent snack. They can also be incorporated into your sauces, tagines, cakes, yogourts and so much more!

Looking for more inspiration? Try making these delicious date and prune bars.


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 12 months.



Did You Know?

A clinical study conducted at Florida State University (FSU) and published in Aging Research Review suggests that dried plums may be able to help reverse osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.





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