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Pine nuts are found in the husks of pine cones. They are small oval nuts that are white and around 1cm long.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits

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Organic Raw Pine Nuts Nutrition Facts


There is approximately 120 species of pine, usually originating from the Northern hemisphere. Different species of pine nuts were consumed in Europe then in Asia since the times of the Paleolithic Age. Pine nuts were also part of the Native American diet.

Culinary Uses

Pine nuts are often used in pastries, breads, stuffing, cakes and sauces sauces or as an addition to any salad. They are delicious, both roasted and raw! Pine nuts are often used in traditional Mediterranean recipes, which make sense, considering that they are the main ingredient in Italian pesto!


Pine nuts will last up to 3 months, if kept in the refrigerator. For better longevity, if pine nuts are stored in the freezer, pine nuts will last for up to a year.



Did You Know?

Pine cones do not begin to produce nuts until the age of 25, and output is not sufficient to be marketed until around the 75 year mark! This explains why pine nuts are so expensive.





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