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  • Organic Raw Nori Sheets

The nori sheets are thin sheets composed of an edible, green Japanese algae. One of its principle uses is in the making of sushi.


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Nori alga is part of millennium culinary traditions of coastal people in China, Japan, Polynesia, Hawai, Great Britain, Iceland and Siberia. Ancient Chinese writings from the 4th century BC talk about alga so refined that they were served at the Kings table. Native culinary traditions such as Inuit also incorporate alga in their diet. In the Arctic coasts, alga has always been part of the Native’s diet during food shortage season.

Culinary Uses

Place your favorite vegetables in a Nori sheet, sprinkle some walnut pieces in there and roll the sheet up tightly. Moisten the sheet with a little water to seal the roll. You can also crumble Nori sheets on your salads, pastas or soups!


1 year in a cool, dry cupboard.



Did You Know?

Nori is the most consumed seaweed in the world!



Exceptionally Fresh and Flavourful Written By: Stacey
Exceptional nori. Always extremely crisp and particularly flavourful. Among the best tasting nori we've had. We use it for sushi, to roll up raw spinach leaves for a quick 'salad-roll', and by itself as a tasty little nibble. Highly recommend this nori.
Fresh and Delicious Written By: Stacey
Nori is very popular in our home. We like to use it for sushi, to roll up spinach leaves for a quick hand salad, and for eating all by itself. This nori is particularly crisp and flavourful. Highly recommend it. Excellent product.


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