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Nature’s candy

These pillowy, fleshy organic Medjool dates are the ultimate sensory experience. With a flavour somewhere in between caramel and maple syrup, Medjool dates are truly nature’s candy. They are known, rightfully so, as the Queen of dates due to their extraordinary soft texture and sweet taste. These organic dates are grown in the hot, dry desert and dried by the heat of the sun while still attached to the palm.

Organic Medjool dates are an excellent natural substitute for the sweetener in your recipes, as well as the the main ingredient in the infamous date squares - although they’re so sweet, they make a wonderful dessert on their own! They are also the perfect quick snack after intense physical activity due to their high fibre, potassium, iron and magnesium content. They are known to promote muscle regeneration and digestive health, act as an anti-inflammatory and improve heart health.

This succulent fruit can be paired with many different flavours in recipes from around the world. Its delicate, smooth and sweet aroma will definitely make a statement when featured in any dish.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic Medjool dates. May contain nut shells, nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

Health Facts

Organic Medjool Dates Nutrition Facts


Archaeological evidence suggests the date palm, on which dates grow, was cultivated as early as 7,000 BCE in Mehrgarh, a neolithic civilization in what is now Pakistan. It is believed to originate from an area that is now Iraq, and was a staple food in the Middle East, from Mesopotamia to prehistoric Egypt. This tree was synonym of oasis when in the desert. 

Culinary Uses

The dried Medjool date is particularly sweet, satisfying even the most intense sugar cravings while still managing to be a healthy and nutritious snack! Its caramelized and creamy texture makes it an important asset in healthy cuisine making it possible to replace sugar in recipes for baking, smoothies, and other sweet dishes. For a quick snack, try them with a PRANA cashew or almond (raw or lightly salted) placed in the center.

If you are looking for a great almond milk recipe, try ours sweetened with Medjool dates!

Need more inspiration? Try these recipes:
Vegan Harira soup with Medjool dates
Creamy avocado smoothie with blueberries and Medjool dates
Moroccan sweet potato and Medjool date salad with cilantro-lime dressing
Farro salad with olives, Medjool dates and Mediterranean ProactivChia dressing
Banana, Medjool date and pecan muffins


Be mindful of fermentation! Dates contain sugar which means they need to be conserved in a cold and dry cupboard, away from humidity. You can also put them in your fridge. If stored properly, dates can be kept for up to 8 months.





Best Dates Ever! Written By: Alli
The plumpest, softest dates I've had. I use them as a sweet addition to my cheese plates, add to smoothies, mix into my homemade granola bars--they are awesome. Versatile and delicious!
Nature's Candy Written By: Adrian
I love these dates! It's the perfect after workout pick-me-up to replace all those burnt out carbs. I also use them mid study session in order to regain focus. I also follow a no added sugar diet, so date paste is an essential sweetener in all my baked goods.
soooo delicious!! Written By: mireille
I absolutly love this product! So far, the best medjool dattesI tasted! As a dessert, snack, in bar, it can be eaten in a multiple way! Keep going prana!
A must try!! Written By: Monica
These are the absolute best Medjool dates that I have ever tasted! They are sweet, creamy and add an amazing flavour to smoothies and no bake protein balls. Yum!
I bought these and wow what a treat these are!!! They taste like caramels!!!! Just love them!!!! My total addiction and go to for dessert!!! Written By: Angele
I bought these and wow what a treat these are!!! They taste like caramels!!!! Just love them!!!! My total addiction and go to for dessert!!!

I also make the best raw energy balls with these dates!! mmmm!!!
Excellent product Written By: PEGGY
Makes the best gluten free date snacks.


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