Organic Goldenberries (Physalis)

  • Organic Goldenberries (Physalis)
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A truly powerful berry

Grown in the high altitude regions of Peru by farmer communities, our organic goldenberries are true gems. They have impressive nutritional characteristics:

  • They’re packed with essentia vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

  • They also contain more fibre than prunes, and more potassium than a fresh banana

  • They’re richer in antioxidants than other known superfoods such as apples, goji berries, broccoli and pomegranate juice.

There is so much goodness packed in these tiny berries!

The sweet yet tart goldenberries were first cultivated in the Andes, and forgotten for over 500 years before being discovered again. Their sustainable, ecological farming supports more than 500 families in rural areas thanks to guiding principles of fair trade and social responsibility.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Organic Goldenberries (Physalis). May contain nuts, soy and sesame ingredients.

Health Facts

Organic Goldenberries (Physalis) Nutrition Facts


Part of the Peruvian and Chillean cuisine, physalis grows in the Peruvian Andes in mineral rich soils. Goldenberries or Incan berries are an ancient fruit, a lost crop of the Incas. They used to incorporate this fruit in their diet, as it has a high nutritional content and is great when consumed before battle or strenuous activities.

Culinary Uses

Our organic goldenberries have a bright, sweet and acidic taste that makes them a great snack by themselves as well as perfect partners to desserts, smoothies, yogurt and salads. They're also rich in pectin, which makes them perfect for pies, preserves and jams. Add it to a balanced diet and reap the benefits of this mystical little fruit!

Need more inspiration? Try these recipes:
Millet Goldenberry pilaf
Grilled tofu with orange-goldenberry sauce
Tangy ketchup


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard, protected from light and humidity for up to 12 months.



Did You Know?

Physalis are part of the nightshade (Solanaceae) family, which makes it a relative of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers.



Best sour candy ever!! Written By: Rébecca
Those little gifts from mother nature are by far the best sour candy that I have ever found. And for a sour candy lover like I am, this says a lot.
Yummy, healthy, tart, safe Written By: Laurel
I add the golden berries to my morning porridge along with Prana Chia seeds. I can't eat raisins and these are an even yummier alternative as they are tart as well as sweet. They puff up to soft and scrumptious when boiled. Great for snacking too!
Healthy benefits and tasty as well Written By: Manon
I love the tartness of these Golden Berries and have used them to add punch with Quinoa salads (rehydrate them first in hot water or apple juice or any juice).
I used them with muffins. I have used them also like dried cranberries with a Brie cheese recipe that you heat in the oven for 10 minutes,
I mixed in a pan over medium heat porto wine,dried blackcurrants, golden berries and cranberries. Heat it up until the dried fruits fluff up
and the porto becomes thicker. You pour over or around the cheese when heated through and enjoy with a nice baguette or any nut bread.


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