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Harvested from ancient varieties of pumpkins, European pumpkin seeds are prized for their intense flavour and high nutritional content. European pumpkin seeds are darker in colour, higher in fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals than Chinese pumpkin seeds. It takes only half a cup of pumpkin seeds to meet 60% of your recommended daily iron intake.


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Originally from North and South America, the pumpkin was domesticated in Mexico about 9000 years ago and was used for its medicinal virtues. The Algonquian’s Menomini used pumpkin seeds as a diuretic, and later North American settlers would ground the seed, mix it with water, milk and honey to use it to fight intestinal parasites. The Cherokees also used pumpkin seeds to help treat bed wetting in children. In Central America, pumpkin seeds were used to treat nephritis and urinary tract infections.

Culinary Uses

In Mexico, these pepitas are usually toasted and flavored with salt, lime, or chili peppers for light snack.

Pumpkin seeds can easily be added to muffins, cookies, breads, salads, smoothies, and even cereals. To get the most out of pumpkin seeds, eat them raw!


As pumpkin seeds are fragile, it is best to conserve them in the refrigerator.



Did You Know?

Among American Indians, the pumpkin represents the sun, where its roundness refers to fertility and prosperity. For the followers of Feng Shui, it represents the relationship between parents and their children and the possibility of reviving the passion between lovers.





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