Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
1 gal
500 ml

A staple in vegan cooking, unrefined coconut oil retains its nutritional properties when heated. The smooth texture and exotic aroma of PRANA coconut oil will boost the flavour of any dish; similarly, use it on your skin to help hydrate dry areas.


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The origin of the coconut is controversial. Many historians believe that the coconut was first grown in Malaysia and Indonesia before spreading in all countries south of the equator. In India, coconut was known as kalpa vriksha, which means "the tree which provides all that is necessary for life.”

Today, coconut oil is widely used in lotions and cosmetics. An ancient tradition in India is to massage the scalp with coconut oil to help protect and strengthen hair, where as in Tahiti monoi is made by soaking Tiare flowers in coconut oil. Coconut oil is also a favourite of soap makers, as it has excellent foaming properties.

Culinary Uses

Use coconut oil to replace the fats (butter, olive oil, etc.) in your recipes. Coconut oil is very resistant to heat, meaning that it does not lose much of its nutritional value when heated, and it keeps longer than other oils.


Preserve in a cool dry place protected from light and humidity.



Did You Know?

There is an Arab proverb that says, “If man was to live on earth with a single coconut tree, he would live happily and be happy for eternity.”



Amazing! Written By: Laura
The most fragrant, rich coconut oil that I have purchased. I use it food and for skincare as well. Highly recommend!
Great product! Written By: PEGGY
I use this in baking and homemade personal products.
Excellent Coconut Oil Written By: Stacey
One time I bought some coconut oil that tasted like burning car tires. This is definitely not that oil. This oil taste amazing.

This oil is so delicious that every recipe is elevated. I like it so much I'll eat it by itself. It's perfect in all our baked goods, and in all our cooked vegan dishes. I also make my own face cream using this coconut oil, and you'd better believe I get compliments on my skin with great frequency.

It's very convenient for oiling any baking pans or muffin cups, using a silicone brush.

I have been consistently pleased with every single purchase of this oil I have made. It's always excellent. Just one small fault in the container -- the silicone ring quickly becomes dislodged when the lid has been removed and replaced multiple times, thus the container would no longer be spill proof.

Highly highly recommend this product.
One Gallon Coconut Oil Written By: Birdie
I love the 1 gallon coconut oil option. It is so much easier than buying a bunch of small jars at the grocery store. I use a lot... in my cooking, greasing muffin tins, on my skin, make up remover, for my dog, on my wood cutting board and bowls!! I am thinking of trying it as a toothpaste. The 1 gallon saves me the hassle of running out all the time. The quality is fabulous and it keeps well. I have two gallons in my basement right now :) Love it.


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