Coconut Milk

  • Organic Fair Trade Coconut Milk
12 x 400 ml

Cha’s organic and certified fair-trade coconut milk is gluten and sulfite free, and makes a great alternative to traditional dairy products. Ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to cow’s milk. Cha’s coconut milk is rich in flavour and a great addition to many recipes.

Each case contains twelve 400 ml cans.


General Information

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Organic coconut, water

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Organic Fair Trade Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts


Many historians believe that the coconut was first grown in Malaysia and Indonesia before spreading to across all countries south of the equator. Coconut milk is especially used in South-East Asian cooking (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc…), as well as in Africa and the South Pacific.

In French Polynesia, coconut milk is called haari when pure. Haari Miti is a condiment made from mixing lemon juice with sea water or coconut water. Coconut milk is used as a hair treatment to keep it strong and the scalp healthy in Polynesian and Tahitian cultures.

In India, coconut was once known as kalpa vriksha, which means "the tree which provides all that is necessary for life."

Culinary Uses

Coconut milk can be used both in savory and sweet dishes. It is an essential ingredient in Indian, Thai, Hawaiian and African cooking. It provides a creamier texture and a sweet and exotic flavor to your purees, soups, sauces, smoothies, and desserts. You can also just add it to your cereal in the morning or as a sweetener in your coffee or tea.


Once opened, coconut milk will last about 3 days if it is covered and kept in the fridge. The expiry date is visible on the can.


Sri Lanka

Did You Know?

Coconut milk is a great for making hair silky, and also for strengthening the scalp!



Good flavour - dissapointing ingredients and texture Written By: Kira
This coconut milk smells great, and makes awesome curry - no qualms there. I however am underwhelmed that it is thickened with guar gum, and that the percentage of coconut is not specified. I like to use coconut milk to make a coconut whipped cream and a frosting, but it does not set up enough when cold (an indication of lower fat, and fat is awesome).

PRANA edit: Hi Kira, thanks for your feedback! We agree with you, fat is awesome - unfortunately it doesn't mix with water, which means certain measures must be taken to achieve great consistency and texture. We've chosen this specific coconut milk because the emulsifier is a very small quantity of high-quality guar gum (which is naturally derived from a legume), and a much better and healthier alternative than GMO-derived, harmful or questionable emulsifiers/stabilizers.
Coconut Milk Written By: Michele
This coconut milk makes the best tasting creamiest smoothies ever!!! I use it to replace all dairy products and it has a very wonderfully subtle coconut flavour. Not perfume like or fake. Ive added many different kinds of fruits along with their ground vanilla bean powder and hemp seeds to my smoothies and every single drink turns out fabulous!! Even my picky husband loves the flavour!!!
Good price! Written By: PEGGY
It is a thick coconut milk but has the fibers present so I only use it in baking and curry dishes. It is not suitable for dairy substitutes in drinks.


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