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Carob powder is the perfect natural alternative to cocoa. Richer in calcium and fiber, carob also does not contain the stimulants found naturally in cocoa, such as caffeine and theobromine. Ideal for children!


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Carob has been cultivated for thousands of years in Mediterranean regions such as Spain, southern Italy and Morocco. The name comes from the Arabic word for carob: Kharrub. Berber tribes in Morocco Zayanes used carob powder for its medicinal properties, especially for the treatment of diarrhea in children.

Culinary Uses

Widely used in the food industry for its thickening properties, carob powder is often used as a substitute for cocoa. Carob can be added to desserts, pastries or homemade ice creams. As it is richer in sugar than cocoa, we advise you to reduce by about one third to the amount of sugar in your recipe.


Preserve in a cool, dry space protected from light and humidity for up to 10 months.



Did You Know?

The size and weight of carob seeds is quite regular which is why they used to serve as the unit of measurement known as a carat. Carat comes from the word carob, as one carob seed represents one carat in the gem industry.





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