Raw Blue Agave Syrup

  • Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup
1 gal
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Agave syrup is an amber coloured sweetener with a light vanilla taste. Agave syrup is softer and less viscous than honey and therefore can be paired with any recipe. Organic Blue Agave syrup is a natural sweetener extracted from the core of the Blue Agave plant it is then heated at a temperature no more than 48ºC to preserve all the vitamins and minerals. Our agave is then put through a series of tests in order to meet organic and raw food standards.


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The agave plant, word that comes from the Greek word for “Noble”, has a mystical history in Mexico, and is revered for its ability to produce liquid in a dry, desert environment. Some agave varieties were used for their healing properties, with the leaves, juice and roots used to treat several ailments, including back and abdominal pain. Other agave plants have a ritualistic significance, with the fermented agave juice used by priests, and the agave fiber used to make paper to record historical and cultural events.

Although agave has a history of being used as a sweet drink by the ancient Mexican Indians, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that its nectar was experimented with and developed into a commercially manufactured sweetener.

Culinary Uses

Agave syrup is meant to be used instead of your usual sweetener. Agave syrup is a perfect sweetener to add to your cakes, smoothies or to sweeten a beverage such as tea and coffee. Easy to pour, agave is more viscous and liquid than honey making it the perfect dissolving sweetener in your recipes.

Excellent alternative for diabetics, hypoglycaemic people and in healthy cooking, agave syrup help reduce your sugar intake and will not make your blood sugar levels rise.


Honey: 1 cup of honey = 1 cup of agave syrup Maple syrup: 1 cup of maple syrup = 1 cup of agave syrup

Brown rice syrup: 1 cup of brown rice syrup = ½ to 1/3 cup of agave syrup and increase the liquids in your recipe by ½ cup

Cane sugar: 1 cup of cane sugar = 2/3 cup of agave syrup and reduce the liquids in your recipe by ¼ cup. Reduce cooking temperature by 25 ºC and prolong your cooking time.

Our agave syrup is certified organic and raw, making it a perfect addition to a vegan lifestyle. Ou syrup is stable and does not contain GMO’s. It will not crystallize and will dissolve rapidly in your recipes.


While we recommend storing Organic Blue Agave syrup with the lid on and in a dark cool environment, refrigeration is optional. The recommended shelf life is 3-years maximum after opening.



Did You Know?

The Aztecs’ name for the agave syrup is "Honey Water".





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