Kilimanjaro - Deluxe Chocolate Mix

  • Kilimanjaro - Deluxe Chocolate Mix
1 kg
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PRANA’s best-selling mix and our customers’ favourite!

Kilimanjaro is a flavorful blend that combines the richness of 70% dark chocolate with crunchy nuts and naturally sweet dried fruits. A good source of Vitamin E and selenium antioxidants as well as magnesium, this delicious and revitalizing mix is a top favorite amongst PRANA snacks.

Grab a handful for a wholesome snack during your outdoor activities or add it to your lunch box for a tasty boost of energy.  Kilimanjaro’s synergy of nutrients allows you to indulge responsibly, without an ounce of guilt!


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate* (Chocolate liquor*, Cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*, Non-GMO Soy lecithin*, Vanilla extract*), Almonds*, Raisins*, Cashews*, Cranberries*(cranberries*, Cane juice*, Sunflower oil*), Walnuts*, Algarve sea salt.

Contains nuts and soy. May contain nut shells.


  • 70% dark chocolate: Packed with antioxidants, nutrients and mood-boosting molecules such as anandamide and tryptophan
  • Walnuts: A rich source of energy, including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and B vitamins
  • Almonds: Rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, manganese as well as mono- and polyunsaturated fats that may help lower cholesterol

Health Facts

Kilimanjaro - Deluxe Chocolate Mix Nutrition Facts

Culinary Uses

Our Kilimanjaro trail mix is the perfect snack for chocolate lovers on the go. Pack this energy-boosting snack for some fuel on your hikes, walks or afternoon bike rides!

You can also use this mix to take your baked goods to a whole new level! Looking for some inspiration? Try these recipes:
Gluten-free banana coconut loaf with Kilimanjaro mix
Chocolate cookies with Kilimanjaro mix

The Buddhist Chef's banana bread (as seen in the attached vidéo!)


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 8 months.


Our Kilimanjaro mix is made in our Montreal factory

Did You Know?

At 5895 meters high, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and has 3 dormant volcanos.


Love it! Written By: MayAnn
This is my favourite trail mix ever! I have it in a bowl on my kitchen counter constantly. I like to add the original coconut strips to the bowl. Yum!
Will be back for more!! Written By: Rachel
I came across this trail mix at Hannaford the other day, and I love that it isn't organic and I also like that it doesn't have any seeds in it. As I find them unnecessary. Perfect mix of tasty fair trade chocolate and most every nut I love (doesn't have pecans, but I don't think they would fit in this mix anyway) and was searching for all in one bag! Thanks Prana!
Delicious Written By: Alice
This mix is very good. A good mix of salty and sweet flavors and different textures in every bite. A little bit of everything all in one pouch.
Wonderful in banana bread! Written By: Julie
So yummy in my vegan banana bread! I love your products!!
My fave!!! Written By: Lily
This is my favourite go to snack. I absolutely love it! It's delicious and I have used it in my granola bar recipe too!
yumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Written By: vishal
This is my one of favorite snack all time. Whenever i feel hungry i eat them. they are so delicious i couldn't stop myself.moreover i enjoy other snacks from prana too. i more like combination of mix snack they are healthy
this product is the best trail mix ever; it is my security, always with me, often enjoyed. A wonderful snack. Written By: Elisabeth
I would find life hard without Kilimanjaro, my loyal companion. Delicious and nutritious and portable. I feel safe with it in my purse.
Go-to snack! Written By: Anahita
This is our go-to trail mix. I love the depth that the dark chocolate chips bring to the mix. It has a good mix of nuts, wish it had less raisins but that's because I am not a huge fan of raisins.
Love it! Written By: Laura
The chocolate & nut combo here is so on point! I love the little bit of saltiness that complements the chocolate. Also love the dried cranberries/raisins that add that little bit of chewiness. Got a huge bag of it that is perfect for making home-made snack packs for busy days at work. I also saw on your Facebook page a great link to make vegan banana bread with it - such a great idea! Definitely a recipe to check out; I think the chocolate bits make this just perfect for a little switch from typical chocolate chip banana bread!
highly recommend! Written By: Megan
Very good! Love that it's vegan:)
Sweet & Salty Written By: Debbie
This is my favourite snack! The combination of sweet and salty is perfect! So much goodness in one bag!
Best snack Written By: Veronique
This is my favourite snack ever! It satisfy my cravings with the blend of nuts and my sweet tooth with the dark chocolate :)
Id have some everyday if I could!
420 times more chocolote than needed 2 blaze it Written By: The Dogg
Too much chocolate dawg, not enough nuts. The doggfather is mighty dissapointed. Still good tho and can make me go na-na-na-na-na all day long feeding of these biscuits. mmmm gooood. Doggfather out and pce!

PRANA edit: We're currently reworking the recipe to make sure we reach that perfect nut-to-chocolate ratio!
Yummy, but cashews are a little too salty. Written By: SD
My family does enjoy this hearty snack, however, we all find the cashews a little overly salted. I love that there's lots of chocolate chunks but feel like it would be better balanced with more nuts and a little less chocolate. I add a small bag of pecans to the mix and that seems to do the trick. Otherwise they're delicious!
On-the-go Must Have! Written By: Andrea
This has been my go-to "trail mix" for over a year now. As a chocolate lover, I'm never disappointed by the amount of chocolate in a handful of this mix, and it was a lifesaver during my immediate postpartum/breastfeeding months when I needed a quick snack + energy boost! The best!
Delicious & Nutritious Written By: Debbie
This has got to be the best combination. Dark chocolate, nuts & dried fruits. I love eating snacks that are healthy and will fuel my body! This one is my favourite!
Delicious Written By: Maja
I like this mix very much. The dark chocolate is a nice addition to the nuts and seeds.
Delicious .... AWEsome!!!!! Written By: Diana
Hi, PRANA makes delicious products! The Organic Kilimanjaro Chocolate Trail Mix is totally awesome!! It makes my day every day … helps to get through a workday!! Share it with everyone!!
Have tried all products, sooo delicious!!! Make sure you stock up for Christmas and birthday gifts!! Thank you Prana!!
Great Product Written By: Elsa
I love this mix but I also find there a bit too much dark chocolate and needs more nuts. I will def keep buying it as a healthy snack though!
If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this mix!!! Written By: Samantha Lotus
Happiness in a bag, better than therapy, a girl's best friend... I could go on!! This is the perfect snack, treat, dessert or even meal (yes, I've been there). Thank you Prana for making a product that is beyond delicious, nutritious and delightful in every way!! xx
Great snack for the outdoors! Written By: Casey
I have purchased this mix from Costco a few times now and it makes a great snack when travelling, hiking, out exploring or when you are looking for a great snack!
love this mixture.... Written By: Heather
I simply love this product, just purchased it at Costco in Barrie Ontario, and it a wonderful mixture, will not be sharing it either, .... It's all mine.... Thxs..... For this amazing product......
BEST NUT MIX Written By: krstn
I love this nut mix, it's the perfect blend of sweet and salty and the ratio of nuts to fruit and chocolate is perfect! I will continue to buy this as my go to work/hiking snack.
Missed-labelled ingredients Written By: MK
in the ingredients listing, the nuts (walnuts, almonds and cashew) should be labelled as roasted and salted, not only that they are organic. This is important for someone like me who is concerned with organic nuts to be raw and not processed, since the roasting process changes the nutritional value of these nuts and the addition of the sea salt is not needed since it changes the good taste of the raw nuts. I wrongfully thought that since the sea salt was the last item mentioned in the ingredients list it would be almost negligeable, but it was not, it was way too salty (too similar in taste to cheap roasted and salty nuts sold commercially, which I don't buy anymore). Your product would be greatly improved for health conscious consumers by keeping the more expensive organic raw products with the least amount of processing since the bulk of your package was with dried raisins (naturally very sweet), so it becomes unnecessary to add cane sugar, even for the almost non existant cranberries, few walnuts and almonds, rendering the final product way too sweet and salty. It's the first time I bought this expensive product and it will be my last time because of the misleading labelling, I ended up throwing almost everything out, except for the dark chololate bits. I don't mind paying more for organic products that have the least amount of processing and additives.
misleading images on their packaging Written By: Juliet
I bought a package of nuts with chocolate, raisins and dried cranberries. The photos on the package and on this website have a photo with a lot of nuts with some chocolate, raisins, and dried cranberries. When I opened the package, I was extremely disappointed to find it filled with chocolate raisins and cranberries with the occasional nut here and there. Very misleading images! You need to change those - it's like false advertising. I won't be buying your products anymore.
Delicious and nutritious! Hard to stop eating it. Written By: Angus
Delicious and nutritious! Hard to stop eating it.
Tasty but... Written By: Céline
I bought one bag last month for lunch and I fund this mix a little too sweet because of the chocolate chunks.
Eating a chocolaty snack - guilt-free! Written By: Tina
I often have a craving for chocolate and it was great to finally find a snack that allowed me to eat better while still satisfying my love for chocolate. I don't finish my snack, thinking - what did I just do to my body?? Instead, I finish it, knowing that I treated my body well by filling it with good nutrients.
Best. Snack. Ever. Written By: Kim
It's a dangerous snack for me to have around because I just can't stop eating it! Salty, crunchy nuts and sweet dark chocolate are the perfect mix!
Get in my snack bowl! Written By: Meaghan
Snacking on these is the flavour equivalent of reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro! Exciting, surprisingly exquisite, and fulfilling to the core of my body and soul!
WOULD eat anywhere, anytime! Have recommended to all my friends!
Everyone's favourite! Written By: Genevieve
We found the Kilimanjaro trail mix at Costco a few months ago. It is now everyone's favourite snack: friends and family are always amazed by the perfect balance between sweet and salty as well as the various textures in each bite. As a very active family, we find this trail mix ideal for travelling, hiking, biking or simply as a healthier option as a desert of for snacking. It is such a delight! <3
a wonderful blend of flavors!! Written By: heather
I love making health bars with this product!! Everyone loves a little chocolate!!
Best trail mix ever!!!! Written By: Kate
This is the best trail mix I have had. It is a tasty mix of sweet and savory. The blend of nuts, fruit and chocolate is simply perfect. And i love that it is organic as well as gluten free!! Prana has many quality products that I love, but the Kilimanjaro is my favourite.
BEST. TRAIL MIX. EVER. Written By: Lindsay
Without question, the most delicious trail mix in the world. The perfect ratio of nuts to chocolatey goodness. SO ADDICTIVE! This is what got me hooked on PRANA products.
Kilimanjaro is the best snack mix ever! Written By: Brooke
Love my Kilimanjaro mix for busy days, and for snacking at home. Prana mixes are healthy, and delicious! Plus, who doesn't love some healthy
chocolate with salty almonds, cashews, and more!
Awesome Mix!!! Written By: Erika
This is an amazing mix you will not be able to get enough of. Such a good snack for anytime! Great balance of sweet and salty.
Love this mix Written By: Brenda
This is my favourite. My sons, age 6 and 4 years old, always ask for this for a snack. It's a perfect combo of salty from the nuts and sweet from the chocolate and raisins. Hard not to eat the whole bag!
The best fruit and nut mix EVER Written By: Ania
I discovered this while at Rachelle Bery, and I've introduced all of my friends to it. They love it as much as I do. Buy this snack, it will literally change your life (and your blood sugar levels). It keeps you full and satisfied, and gives you sustained energy. No more post-lunch crash at work :)
Delicious snack Written By: Debbie
I saw this at Costco and had to try it. So glad I did. This is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. All my favorite snacks in one. I also made the Gluten Free Banana Coconut Loaf (recipe from Prana) which has this in it and it was amazing!
Great snack for on the go or just when you need a tasty treat. I will definitely be buying this on a regular basis.
Great Taste Written By: MJ
Of all the Prana products........this is my favorite. Every bite is fresh. The quality of all the ingredients is superb. I definitely recommond you try this.
Delicious! Written By: Melissa
This is one of my favourite snacks. Just the right mix of nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate. Absolutely delicious!
Delicious, healthy office snack alternative! Written By: Diana
We used to provide candy bowls and doughnuts in our office, but with after we launched our health and wellness program that seemed rather counter intuitive, so we decided to investigate some healthier snacking options that our engineers would still enjoy.

We found Kilamanjaro Mix and it's the perfect blend of lightly salted nuts, with a little sweetness from the dark chocolate to satisfy both the sweet and savoury snackers! We order this by the 1 kg bag at our office as a "healthy snack" offering and it is 100% the favourite snack of all of our team members! It's nice to be able to provide something healthy, delicious *and* to support a fellow Canadian company! Keep up the good work Prana - you fuel our team! :)
YUM!!! Written By: TT
Just bought some of the stuff in Marshalls because I was is DELICIOUS!!! I am definitely going to order more. The nuts were lightly salted and delicious and I love the addition of dark chocolate and dried fruit. My family saw me eating it and asked for some, but wound up eating the whole bag!
Really Good! Written By: Matt
This truly is delicious trail mix.


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