Dark Chocolate Bar - Sea Salt

  • Dark Chocolate Bar - Sea Salt

65% Cacao

-Single Origin
-Direct Trade

This single origin bar is for chocolate connoisseurs who prefer savoury to sweet. With 65% cacao and a generous sprinkle of organic sea salt, this chocolate has a tangy acidity and smooth texture. It’s handcrafted with organic cocoa beans and unrefined panela cane sugar sourced from organic farmers in Costa Rica.


General Information

Nutrition & Benefits


Cocoa Mass* (Cocoa Liquor*, Cocoa Butter*), Cane Sugar*, sea salt, Vanilla*

Health Facts

Dark Chocolate Bar - Sea Salt Nutrition Facts


Colibri Chocolate is hand crafted in small batches and sourced from small farms around their workshop. This allows us to follow the process from cacao tree to the chocolate bar, all within the community and in support of sustainable farming practices, honoring the tradition of chocolate making process with grace and integrity


Costa Rica

Did You Know?

Colibri Chocolate Bars are a side project of Prana founders and are imported by Prana.