Vegan Treats, You're Going to Love Them!

Who says that pastries and sweets made without animal products need to be dry and tasteless? Certainly not us! Vegan desserts will convince even the most skeptical among the doubters, because there are many ways to add flavour and texture to desserts, while leaving dairy products, eggs, and even gelatin aside.

What's more, it's possible to concoct healthy snacks that will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth a little more often. Wait till you see what we're proposing.

Gourmet Ice Treats

It is sometimes difficult to recreate the creamy texture of a good ice cream while sorbet, although delicious, is often not equal to the challenge of fulfilling your craving for ... cream!

However, you just need to get out your ice cream maker and replace the milk or cream with coconut milk. We recommend that you refrigerate coconut milk for about twelve hours to let the cream rise to the surface. You just separate out the liquid and make use of the cream to create delicious desserts.

This simple substitution will allow you to pamper yourself while avoiding the discomfort that lactose can cause. Our favorites? Chocolate-hazelnut (a classic!), maple and walnut, and vanilla, a near universal crowd-pleaser.

Snacks for Sweet Tooths

We believe it is important to enjoy fun food while eating healthily. That's why we offer a great variety of snacks that will delight your tastebuds with a little sweetness. Your sweet tooth will regale with Go Nuts, maple-flavoured nuts and dried fruits of all kinds.

It seems that "vegan" is the word to use in this context, even though the OQLF proscribes it. Apparently, there is a nuance in lifestyle/diet. If the customer prefers "vegetarian," he can use that term instead, no problem at all!


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