The Vegan Omnivore: week 2

by Denis Wong

Our blogger Denis Wong has now been 100% vegan for two weeks - there's only one week left to the 21-day Vegan Challenge! This week, Denis discovers how his new diet affects his social life and his active lifestyle.

I keep leaving the comfort zones on which I base my usual diet. For me, weekend mornings are usually synonymous with brunch, and with brunch often come eggs and milk. For my first vegan Saturday, I got acquainted with aquafaba. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, my word processor hasn’t either.

Aquafaba is the water you cooked chickpeas in, or the liquid from a can of chickpeas. While following this pancake recipe, my girlfriend and I added it in to replace the eggs we normally use. We also incorporated almond milk and coconut oil for a 100% vegan brunch.

Recipe: fluffy pancakes with lemon zestRecipe: fluffy pancakes with lemon zest

Preparation took longer than usual since we had to whip the aquafaba into peaks, but the wait was worth it. Accompanied by bananas, mangoes, coconut flakes and maple syrup, the pancakes were quite frankly delicious!

An afternoon with the boys

My vegan diet also affected another one of my traditions: sweet hockey Sundays with my friends. For several years now, fifteen of us have been meeting up in a gymnasium for two-hour jousts. The atmosphere is friendly, but intensity is high and playing on an empty stomach is a bad idea. So I had to change my habits to avoid running out of fuel.


Before and during the game, I kept my energy up with almonds and PRANA's chocolate Kilimanjaro mix. To get it back after the game, I prepared a smoothie with almond milk, bananas, dates and raw cacao powder. I was back on my feet in no time!

During our traditional post-hockey beer, my friends ate burgers and I had to resist temptation... in the purest of gentlemanly gestures, they offered me some leftover pizza crusts. Isn’t friendship beautiful?

Dining out

Incidentally, eating at restaurants is a habit of mine and I often choose foods that include meat. With a little research, I found that there were a lot more vegan options than I thought. I’m not just talking about the odd item intended for vegetarians / vegans. There are menus planned out entirely in accordance with this diet. 

Other than my pizza crusts, I fell in love with LOV this week, a newly-opened botanical cuisine restaurant in Montreal. The menu, put together by chef Stéphanie Audet and her team, surprised me with its originality and variety. I thoroughly enjoyed my vegan poutine with miso sauce as an entrée and my sweet potato buckwheat gnocchi as a main course… Delicious!


There's only one week left - the Challenge ends on January 29th. Denis' last entry will be published after the end of the challenge as a recap. You can keep following his words and photos on PRANA's blog, Facebook and Instagram!

Stay tuned!

Denis Wong
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