The Vegan Omnivore : an introduction

by Denis Wong

When I was asked to participate in the 21-day Vegan Challenge, I had to double check the exact definition of veganism…In other words, before accepting this challenge, adopting a diet without animal products had never really crossed my mind.

I’m a steadfast omnivore. I love the smell of meat sizzling on a barbecue and find comfort in Eggs Benedict. In the morning, I sometimes foam milk for my coffee BEFORE checking Facebook or Instagram. It's about as rare as a vegan option at a steakhouse, but it does happen.


So I had to take a moment to reflect before agreeing to participate in this challenge. Do I have any concerns? I’d be lying if I said I don’t. My habits will most definitely be turned upside down and I’ll have to constantly pay attention to what I eat. It’ll no longer be as simple as picking up the first thing I can get my hands on when my stomach tells me I’m hungry.

That said, I’m the type of person who loves to broaden my horizons and that’s why I’m also incredibly excited about launching myself into this challenge. I love to experiment with new flavours and cuisines, and as it happens, I’m expecting to discover new foods and recipes throughout this challenge. Also, since being an omnivore ultimately means enjoying a varied diet, my impression is that I’m not entering into totally unfamiliar terrain.

To find out more precisely what my starting point actually was, I did a little exercise before beginning the challenge. As I took a tour of my pantry and fridge, I gathered up the products and foods most representative of my daily diet. The result? A mix of animal products (chicken, eggs, sausages, milk, etc.), processed foods (cereal, frozen pizzas, cookies, etc.), bread, fruits, vegetables, and various snacks, including several PRANA products. To succeed in this challenge, I think I’ll have to replace about a quarter or even a third of the foods I eat regularly with vegan alternatives.

DietIn this photo: our Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix.

Will I be successful in this 21-day challenge? That’s my main goal. But as any wise person will tell you, it is the journey, not the destination, that is most important.

That's why I plan to share my personal thoughts once a week until the end of the challenge. You can follow the evolution of my vegan adventure in words and pictures on the PRANA website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Stay tuned!

Denis Wong
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