Organic. Fairtrade. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan. Sure, those labels all sound good (and they are!) but beside offering up a wholesome boost of goodness for us to snack on, our company recognizes that it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet. Introducing: our B Corp certification.

What is a B Corporation?

“B Corp” is to business what “Fairtrade” is to chocolate or “Organic” is to fruit and veggies. It certifies that things are done better and consciously. Introduced by B Lab, a nonprofit startup that aims to redefine success in business, the B Corp certification represents the highest social and environmental standards in the world. It recognizes companies from all industries that have second and third bottom lines —social and environmental objectives that go beyond financial growth.

B Corp certified businesses (a.k.a. B Corps or Benefit Corporations) score a minimum of 80 out of 200 points for their positive impact on the environment and on their workers, customers and community. The audit also takes into account overall governance, celebrating businesses that demonstrate transparency and accountability.

In 2015, PRANA became one of the first Canadian food companies to be certified B Corp and in 2017, PRANA ranked  #1 in Canada and #3 in North America in the Food category, PRANA is among the select 2,337 B Corporations in 50+ countries and 130 industries using their business as a force for social and environmental change.

B corp certification infographic

Having scored 124 points out of a possible 200 during our bi-annual audit in 2017, PRANA became the highest ranked B Corporation in the Environment section in all North America. We already were in the spirit of using our business as a motor for change since day one, but we gave ourselves the resources and budget to do even more.

What we do as a B Corp

One of the things we did was complete a life cycle analysis of all our activities with an external expert agency to better understand our global environmental footprint in order to reduce and offset our impact where it matters the most. From this in-depth analysis, we developed a sustainability action plan including numerous initiatives.

Here is what we've implemented so far:

  • We diverted 120 tons of waste from landfills in 1 year by implementing a compost and recycling program in our factory and office and decreased our cardboard consumption by 15%;
  • We lowered our carbon footprint with the purchase of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates —the equivalent of taking 164 cars off the road for a year and growing 19 904 trees per year for 10 years;
  • We asked our suppliers to sign a code of conduct and led a crop survey to understand the environmental impact of their agricultural practices;
  • We completed a life cycle assessment of all our activities to understand our global environmental impact from agriculture to packaging end life;
  • We implemented open book management practices and increased transparency and accountability by sharing our financial results with our employees.

We’re not looking to earn brownie points (although we are known to love our chocolate!), but in continuing with our dedication to transparency and accountability, here’s a look at our 2018 goals:

  • Launch a profit sharing program to encourage employees ownership
  • Develop an extensive responsible sourcing program for our suppliers
  • Launch a plant waste management program in our factory
  • Start offsetting our greenhouse gas

In short, by purchasing products from B Corporations, you’re supporting companies that understand the challenges facing our world, that make decisions and investments that will have a positive and lasting impact for all. Find out more about the results of our life cycle analysis or discover how PRANA is globally encouraging people and companies to take a stand for sustainability!