Surviving Festival Season, Vegan Style

by Prana

Summer’s in full swing and you know what that means - cottage weekends, camping trips and BBQs. What’s not to love? But our favorite summer activity of all? Music festivals! Whether you’ve got a day pass or you plan on camping out in front of the main stage all weekend, we’ve got everything you need to make the most of your festival experience.

What’s a little prep without a soundtrack? Whether you’re cooking, packing, or just running errands, make sure you have a playlist that’ll get you pumped. We’ve stacked our playlist to the right with the best of Osheaga 2016 because we’re so excited to be there! Come visit our PRANA Goodnessfalia and tell us what you think of our picks. 

Packing effectively for the day is crucial. Your bag or backpack has to be light and easy to carry, yet full of everything you’ll need for the day. To make sure you’re not peeling back layers once the mercury rises, dress for the hottest weather you think you’ll encounter, but keep your footwear conservative. Stick to boots or running shoes, and you can avoid slipping around in dirty sandals all day. Even when the weather is dry, there’s always mud! Our most indispensable item? A large yet lightweight cotton scarf in a pale color. Use it to shield yourself from the sun during the day and to keep your shoulders warm at night. 

banh mi

When it comes to chowing down, festivals aren’t the most welcoming place for healthy eaters, and they can be practically inhospitable to vegans. We recommend packing food to save money and keep healthy, full and hydrated throughout the day. We’ve got 3 picks that’ll keep your belly happy and your body dancing! First is our Tofu Banh Mi sandwich. It’s tasty, filling, and highly portable. Just leave out the spicy vegennaise if you’re worried about it getting soggy. Then there’s our refreshing Mint Lemonade with ProactivChia - not only will it quench your thirst, but the chia will help you retain electrolytes, keeping you hydrated for longer. Finally, pack a bag of your favorite PRANA snack mix to munch on all day. The protein and fat in nuts will keep you full and energized. With 4 different trail mixes to pick from, there’s something for everyone! 


Festivals don’t always end after the headliner - whether you’re trekking through traffic or taking public transit, make sure you have something to look forward to when you get home by preparing some of our famous popsicles to grab when you get in. Top off the day with a delicious icy treat and a hot shower, and you’ll be as good as new! Heading to Osheaga or another festival this summer? What are your essentials? Share them in the comments below! 

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