Resolutions: Eat Breakfast Every Day

by Prana

We’re told our whole lives that breakfast is a meal of singular importance. Yet, if I were to pledge, as a New Year’s resolution, to eat breakfast every single day, what would your reaction be? Sure, there are many of us who wouldn’t flinch. “I already eat breakfast every single day”, you protest, as you warm the tortillas for your breakfast burrito at the crack of dawn, but what about those of us who feel like we barely have enough time to get a comb through our hair before we’re out the door? Those of us who hear that resolution and think “every day? of the year?”

Well, unfortunately it’s a very relatable problem. It’s estimated that as many as 50% of Canadians skip the most important meal of the day! And by doing so, they’re missing out on the manifold benefits of fuelling up in the morning. Not only does a healthy breakfast lower blood pressure, it stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risks of heart disease. Skipping breakfast however can slow your metabolism, wreak havoc on your stress hormones, and affect your overall concentration and memory skills. How many of us get home from work and just want to crash from the frenzied momentum of the day? Odds are, your tank is running on empty, and that’s because you didn’t take the time to refuel your engine!

For those of us who struggle to make the time for breakfast, we’ve made a simple chart of smoothie components to take the guesswork out of a balanced and nourishing meal on the go.

1. Begin with a nice hydrating liquid base such as Almond milk (for extra protein, and it’s great in richer, creamier smoothies), or green tea (as a coffee substitute, and it blends well with fruit and vegetable juices).

2. Then add your fruit or veggie portion for vitamins, fibre and healthy carbs! Experiment with flavours and profiles you like. A great way to give your smoothies that instant creamy sorbet texture is by blending ripe avocados or bananas. I recommend cutting sections of banana and freezing them in a zip-loc bag, so they can be easily added to smoothies each morning, however, unfortunately avocados don’t hold up to freezing quite as well.

3. Add whatever sweetening ingredients to your preference and taste. Agave or maple syrup make great sweeteners, as do dates. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg make great additions as well to trick the palate into tasting sweeter flavours, for those trying to limit their sugar intake.

4. Finally, add protein, or your choice of superfood or antioxidant. Protein and healthy fats, like those found in nut butter and coconut oil, will keep you feeling full until you get to lunchtime!

By resolving to eat breakfast every day, you’re also undertaking an adjustment of attitude. If the concept of having some time to yourself in the morning is utterly foreign to you, well, maybe it shouldn’t be. By setting aside the time necessary to give your body what it needs for the coming day, you are making yourself a priority. When you do that, your body will listen, and respond. And who knows, it may be the most important resolution you make this year!

In order to help you not skip the most-important-meal-of-the-day, we've created a beautiful Smoothie Chart alongside artist Laucolo that tells you exactly what your smoothie needs to be a full, nutritious meal in itself. 

Download our smoothie chart

Check out these recipes below that were inspired by our Smoothie Chart and see just how easy it is to develop this healthy habit!

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