Nut Butters Spread Further than Toast

by Prana

We’ve already mentioned once or twice that nuts are nutritional powerhouses. They’re rich in essential minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre. Their good fats can help reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. The proteins and fibre they contain help you stay full until snack time.

It’s only natural that they would retain all their amazing benefits when we turn them into butters! These products are healthy and nourishing, on the one condition that you pick a butter that doesn’t contain any added salt, sugars or oils. PRANA nut butters are imported straight from Italy and they have just one ingredient: the nut itself. They’re a bit more liquid than nut butters you’ll find at the store, and they are so rich, flavourful and silky, everyone loves them!

Beurre d'amande

Our blanched almond butter is an exceptional product. Its only ingredient? Lightly roasted almonds that have been blanched, which means the skin has been removed. That explains is amazingly smooth and silky texture. As soon as you open the jar, you’ll know this is serious business. It smells almost like amaretto, and it tastes a lot more like marzipan than like the gritty, almost bitter store-bought versions. This butter is good in literally anything, from baked goods to smoothies.

Beurre de noisette

Our hazelnut butter is the ultimate seductor. Also more liquid than most hazelnut butters you’ll find in store, its smell is reminiscent of the most decadent desserts, even though it’s only got one ingredient: organic hazelnuts. Since hazelnuts and cacao are BFFs, this butter is perfect for making your own much healthier version of the world’s best-known choco-hazelnut spread, minus all the weird ingredients. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the only thing it can do!

Your first reflex might be to spread a generous portion on your toast. Go ahead, they're that good! However, there are many other ways to integrate nut butters into your diet that will perk up your snacks and lunches. Here are a few that could revolutionize your meals:

1. Classic spreads

We’ll be the first to admit it: nut butter on a slice of toast is just so satisfying! If you’re feeling a bit fancier, you can add a few simple ingredients like cacao powder, maple syrup and a sprinkle of salt to our amazing hazelnut butter to turn it into the most decadent homemade choco-hazelnut spread ever!

"This hazelnut butter is the best one I have ever tasted, and I've probably tried most nut butters on the market! Doesn't even make me miss the sugar-filled/added bad fat chocolatey version, if you know what I mean ;)"  — Vivian

Nutella maisonTry: homemade chocolate-hazenut spread

2. Quick and easy nut milks

Homemade nut milk is the best, since you can control exactly what goes into it, in terms of additives but also in terms of flavor. However, between the soaking, the rinsing and the filtering, it might become a bit demanding in time and effort. The perfect solution? Blitz some PRANA nut butter, which is already perfectly smooth, with water until you obtain a delicately perfumed nut milk!

"This product is amazing!! I've been using it to make home made Almond milk for almost a year. Soooo smooth.... So much healthier than store bought Almond milk and no added sugar needed because the blanched almond butter already has a sweet taste to it. Double up the recipe to make 2 large mason jars. We use it in smoothies and in our Lattes!! Yummy!! I share this with all my friends!! Share with yours, they'll thank you!" — Vanessa

Lait d'amande rapideTry: quick and simple almond milk

3. Succulent desserts

Nut butter can take all your favourite desserts from yum to WOW in about a split second! Use them in your baked goods, as icing or in the batter itself, or in your mousse recipes for a creamy, dreamy texture!

MousseTry: choco-hazelnut mousse with ProactivChia berry jam

4. Great soft cookies

Swap the traditional peanut butter for your favourite nut butter, or add some to your usual recipe for a soft, tender cookie that tastes divine! Its slightly liquid texture makes it a great substitute for oil and eggs.

Biscuit géantTry: giant chocolate chip and walnut cookie

5. A simple and nourishing dip

Many people fail to include protein in their snacks. Don't make that mistake! Proteins and fats are there to keep you full and happy until your next meal. Need ideas? It takes only a few slices of fresh fruit, a little PRANA nut butter, and voilà!

Nut butter dip

6. A hearty breakfast

Reinvent the mainstay oatmeal by adding a generous spoonful of nut butter, a dollop of maple syrup (for your sweet tooth), and some fresh fruit. You will enjoy a complete breakfast, tasty and nourishing. For busy mornings, try overnight oats that you can prepare individually or in a big batch the night before and keep in the fridge for several days!

"This almond butter is amazing! It's by far, the best i've ever had! I love spreading it on a nice piece of bread or even adding it to my porridge! It's amazing and doesn't have any "junk" added to it like most other brands!" — Liana

Gruau overnightTry: overnight oats with almond butter, cacao and maca

7. A rich and creamy smoothie

If you’re too busy to have breakfast in the morning, why not try and make a delicious and portable smoothie to get the day off to a healthy start? All you need is a liquid base like almond milk, your favourite fruit and vegetables, some nut butter for extra creaminess, and some chia or hemp seeds for protein. Blitz, pack, go! The possibilities are endless and you can let your creativity loose! If you need inspiration, make sure you download our beautifully illustrated Smoothie Chart!

Smoothie gourmandTry: rich chocolate and hazelnut butter smoothie

So, you see? PRANA's nut butters are like nothing you've ever tasted before. As far as we're concerned, once you try ours, you'll never go back!

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