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At PRANA, we constantly challenge ourselves to reach the highest level of social commitment, environmental responsibility, and transparency. We’re very proud of our business approach: profit is essential to ensure the development and continuity of our company, but we believe that the environmental and social impacts are just as important. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. When the people, the planet and the profit are equally important, that’s when we’ve achieved a bearable, equitable, viable and ultimately sustainable business.

Triple-bottom line

One of the tools we can use to make a difference is the Fair Trade certification. More than a colourful logo on our packaging, it’s a way for us to contribute to improving the living and working conditions of farmers, and support the communities they are a part of. We are happy to offer a variety of Fairtrade-certified products, including our most recent innovation, Chocolate Bark!

A powerful tool

1. Minimum price: this initiatives ensure that farmers all around the world get a fair price for their product, regardless of price fluctuations and markets that obey the laws of supply and demand. This allows the farmers to focus on making high-quality products while respecting the delicate balance of nature, and promote fair working conditions including worker’s rights and gender equality.

2. Community development: along with directly supporting farmers, Fairtrade helps develop the communities thanks to the Fairtrade Premiums. These premiums are used to support social environmental and economic initiatives, from education programs for kids to building wells and improving local infrastructure.

3. Sustainable farming: Fairtrade specifically encourages sustainable farming by offering premiums for organic, non-GMO foods, training for farmers, and support in fighting climate change.

Our Fairtrade products

Among our Fairtrade-certified products, we’re proud to count our latest innovation, the delicious chocolate barks! These sweet little treats come in four flavours, three of them made with 62% cacao dark chocolate and one with 40% cacao milk-free “milk” chocolate. All the chocolate used to make them is Fairtrade-certified.

Our favourite crunchy snacks, Sumsuma sesame squares, as well as the organic unrefined cane sugar used to make it, are also both Fairtrade-certified.

Same thing for the wonderful Cha’s Organics spices we carry, from true cinnamon quills to ground cumin, ginger, fennel seeds, turmeric, whole pepper and coriander seeds

Épices Écorces Sumsuma

Good intentions

We’re so glad to work with suppliers that are as committed to the well-being of every stakeholder as we are. Like our chocolate supplier, that creates social and environmental programs specifically tailored to the producers’ needs, or our cashew supplier that makes the economic prosperity of farming communities a real priority, so they can grow from growing the nuts we love so much.

Carrying Fairtrade-certified products is one of the many things PRANA does, not only to have a positive impact within the food industry but also to take care of the planet and its inhabitants. For us, it’s essential for the farmers to benefit from great working and living conditions - it’s something we truly believe in. 


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