Extreme sensations without traveling to Costa Rica

by Denis Wong

Venturing out around the world sporting a backpack and equipped with an itinerary full of surprises and extreme sensations… Isn’t this the dream of anyone looking for an adrenalin rush and a nomadic daily lifestyle? We have a tendency to idealize this vision of adventure, when right next door to us there are plenty of activities enabling us to escape! There’s no need to go to Costa Rica, Bali or Iceland to experience great emotion. 

Just ask the folks at Maeva Surf, located in a shopping center in Laval, in the northern suburbs of Montréal. Upon arrival nothing seems extraordinary, but when you pass through the glass doors of Maeva Surf, a tropical ambiance envelops you. 

At the center, you can try flowboarding, a hybrid sport combining techniques from surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. After mustering your courage, you jump onto a continuous wave moving at 40 km per hour to surf on a slope with an incline of approximately 30 degrees. 


“People come here seeking adventure, and to get out of their comfort zone,” Manager, Jade Lacroix-Lauzon, tells us. “It’s pretty rare for the Québecois to have had opportunities to surf. So they come here for a change of setting, particularly to escape the cold in winter!”

The flowboarding experience is based on balance, posture control and a good dose of dizzying speed. We can ride the waves standing up, on a straight board, or even on our stomachs, on a bodyboard. The water flows onto a flexible ride surface, which cushions any falls. After a full hour of flowboarding, we can confirm that there’s no lack of action! 


The other key to escaping at Maeva Surf is attitude. The facility offers an atmosphere characteristic of surfing culture: relaxing, chill and worry free. To complete the flowboarding vibe, there’s a bar serving alcoholic beverages, smoothie bar, clothing and bathing suit boutique, and a lounge area with comfortable sofas.  


 “Surfing is a state of mind,” explains Jade. “And anyone can fit the mold. We want our visitors to surf safely, but we also want them to enjoy themselves in a chill and relaxed environment.”

The instructors are attentive and go beyond the call of duty in their efforts to help visitors navigate the waves. At the end of the experience, we feel as though we’ve accomplished our own little personal pursuit. Whether we’ve tackled slalom or simply managed to stay standing up, extreme sensations are had by all. And who would have imagined finding this type of oasis in a concrete jungle? 


Flowboarding is not the only activity that enables us to travel without leaving the city. After doing a little research, we realize that just next door to us we can try indoor rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, and even practise axe throwing! The key is to know what compels you, and remain open minded to embark on an adventure… even without your suitcase! 



Denis Wong
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Denis Wong

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