Our best recipes to kiss winter goodbye!

by Prana

It’s officially spring, even if it’s not very obvious from looking outside your window. Before moving on to salads, seasonal greens and lighter fare, here are our 8 best comforting, end-of-winter dishes for a last hurrah. Come for the soups, stay for the stews, and enjoy watching the snow melt with glee, a bowl of something hot in hand!

1. Miso-turmeric soup with tofu and sobaMiso-turmeric soup with tofu and soba

We're big fans of miso paste: any soup made with it always always turns out delicious, and its probiotics are super good for you. Make it a complete meal by adding some soba noodles, leafy greens and a few cubes of grilled tofu!

2. Vegan cashew-based “butter” tofuVegan cashew-based “butter” tofu

This is probably one of our best “veganized” recipes so far! If you’re looking for a good weeknight recipe that’s not overly complicated yet totally satisfying, this is the one for you!

3. Squash, spinach and walnut pastaSquash, spinach and walnut pasta

Quick and easy spaghetti, just the way we like it! Dice the squash ahead of time and keep it in a bag in your freezer - all you’ll have to do is throw some on a pan to roast in the oven, and voilà! Dinner’s done.

4. Zucchini noodles with coconut milk broth and spicy coconut chipsZucchini noodles with coconut milk broth and spicy coconut chips

If you’re looking for comfort food that’s just a bit outside of your comfort zone, give this zoodle dish a spin! It’s halfway between a soup and a bowl of pasta, with some lovely veggie crunch and a good kick thanks to our spicy JIVE coconut chips..

5. Roasted veggie and tofu Buddha bowlRoasted veggie and tofu Buddha bowl

This bowl is the perfect weeknight dinner: healthy, rich in quality protein and loaded with veggies. It’s also a great starting point if you’re looking to get a bit creative in the kitchen: switch up the roasted veggies, the creamy dressing, the tofu marinade… it’s all up to you!

6. Mushroom and miso risottoMushroom and miso risotto

Rich, creamy and dreamy, this is a fantastic twist on the classic risotto recipe that trades miso paste for stock. The result is so delicious, you might never go back to the traditional way!

7. Vegan almond chocolate browniesVegan almond chocolate brownies

If there ever was a true winter comfort dessert, this is it. These brownies are bound to kick your most serious chocolate cravings, with a little extra satisfying crunch from the chopped almonds on top.

8. Hazelnut shortbreads with Carazel Chocolate BarkSablés aux noisettes et écorces Carazel

We’re so obsessed with our new Chocolate Bark that we’ve started putting them everywhere in our dessert recipes - but can you blame us? We’ve given the traditional shortbread recipe a delicate nutty twist by replacing some of the flour with powdered hazelnuts. Yum!

There you have 'em - the best recipes to kiss winter goodbye. Next stop: springtime!

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