23 delicious vegan recipes for your next picnic!

by Prana

Putting together what you need for a great picnic isn’t that hard: fresh fruit and veggies (and lots of ‘em), crackers, some sandwiches or mini-wraps, a cold salad or two, hummus (of course!) and other dips, and if you’re really fancy, some plant-based cheese! Oh, and don’t forget drinks and dessert! Phew, you're lucky we’re here to help out!

1. Smoky coconut chip wraps

Smoky coconut chip wraps

 Special thanks to our Charleston BBQ coconut chips for being so delicious in everything!

2. Lentil falafel with avocado sauce

Lentil falafel

In a sandwich or on their own, they're absolutely perfect.

3. Flax and chia seed crackers

Flax and chia crackers

Crunchy and super nutritious thanks to chia and flax!

4. Morrocan sweet potato and Medjool date salad with cilantro dressing

Moroccan sweet potato date salad

This salad is just sublime.

5. Zesty hummus

Zesty hummus

Serve with your favourite crudités !

6. Zuchcini, white bean and turmeric dip

Zucchini white bean dip

 If it's green, does it mean it's good for you? 

7. Cumin and almond pulp crackers

Cumin almond pulp crackers

A great (and delicious!) way to repurpose your almond pulp after making homemade almond milk!

8. Goji berry tabouleh

Goji berry tabouleh

Fruity and crunchy, and super healthy because goji berries are magical!

9. Quinoa, beet and orange salad

Quinoa beet orange salad

The sweet, sour and zesty flavours mix so well with tender pecans and beets!

10. Sundried tomato focaccia with olives and walnuts

Sundried tomato focaccia

Homemade bread that isn't too complicated, now that's a crowd pleaser!

11. Cashew "cheese" with fine herbs

Cashew cheese with fine herbs

Homemade bread calls for homemade cashew-based cheese, of course!

12. Tofu Banh mi with Jive spicy coconut chips

Tofu Banh Mi

A summer classic made vegan and topped with our spicy coconut chips, that's a hard yes!

13. Cinnamony quinoa, cucumber and raisin salad

Quinoa cucumber raisin salad

Delightfully perfumed and flavourful!

14. Roasted chickpea hummus with Za'atar pita chips

Roasted chickpea hummus and pita chips

Fancy hummus that you should 100% serve with those amazing homemade pita chips.

15. Quinoa, navy bean and kale salad

Quinoa navy bean kale salad

Can you tell we really like quinoa salads?

16. Homemade veggie pâté with sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds

Sweet potatoes sunflower seed veggie pate

Rich and creamy with a nice crunch thanks to the sunflower seeds!

17. Citrus lemonade with turmeric-ginger syrup

Turmeric ginger lemonade

The ginger-turmeric syrup really takes it from good to WOW!

18. Minty ProactivChia lemonade

Minty ProactivChia lemonade

A lemonade that's minty, zesty.... and chewy! 

19. Green iced tea with lime and goji berries

Goji berry iced green tea

Blend iced tea and soaked goji berries together for a refreshing drink that's full of goodness!

20. Green tea chia lemonade with raspberriesGreen tea chia lemonade

Lemonade + iced tea + raspberries + ProactivChia = summer in a glass!

21. Soft and chewy chocolate hemp squares with coconut

Chewy choco-hemp squares

Imagine your favourite puffed rice treat... then add chocolate and hemp's nutritional benefits!

22. Coconut, maca and cacao fudge

Coconut maca fudge

As we say around here... fudge, that's good!

23. Cacao and nut energy balls

Cacao nut energy balls

Our best energy balls, hands down. Nothing but good stuff: cacao, dates, nuts and shredded coconut!


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