Our 13 sweetest, most portable vegan snacks!

by Prana

A little sweet snack on the go is the perfect pick-me-up. At PRANA, we’ve got you more than covered in that department, from our fairtrade chocolate bark, our Kilimanjaro mix with chunks of 70% dark chocolate, to our Amandine maple almonds made with real maple syrup and our Sumsuma sesame squares! For those with a sweet tooth, it’s pure pleasure - and worry-free, too, because the ingredient list is dead simple and everything is 100% organic!

But for those of you who like to make things yourselves, here’s a list of delicious plant-based recipes for practical and nutritious snacks - made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love, of course!

1. Chocolate chip energy barsChocolate chip energy bars

2. Chocolate-covered coconut barsChocolate-covered coconut bars

3. Roasted almond, sesame, goji and date barsRoasted almond, sesame, goji and date bars

4. 5-ingredient granola bars5-ingredient granola bars

5. Hazelnut-banana roll-upsHazelnut-banana roll-ups

6. Chocolate and tahini granola barChocolate and tahini granola bar

7. Crunchy, nutty almond butter barsAlmond butter bars

8. Mango, turmeric and chia fruit leatherMango turmeric chia fruit leather

9. Soft and chewy chocolate hemp squares with coconutSoft and chewy chocolate hemp squares

10. Chocolate, almond and toasted buckwheat barsChocolate, almond and toasted buckwheat bars

11. Almond and berry granola barAlmond and berry granola bar

12. Chia seed fruit leatherChia seed fruit leather

13. Fig energy barFig energy bar

For more delicious recipes, check out our archive of 450+ vegan recipes!

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