11 delicious make-ahead breakfasts

by Prana

The key to winning at busy mornings? Make-ahead breakfasts! As they say, preparation is half the battle - they really weren’t kidding! Here are 11 recipes for delicious and nourishing make-ahead breakfasts. Go on, make them the day before, or even several days in advance if you dare!

Note: chia puddings keep for 2-3 days in the fridge, and overnight oatmeals for up to 4 days, in the fridge as well. Don’t make them too much in advance to make sure they stay fresh and delicious!

1. Blueberry pecan overnight oatmealBlueberry pecan overnight oatmeal

2. Chia parfait with granola and blueberry tofu cremeChia parfait with granola and blueberry tofu creme

3. Coconut and chocolate overnight oatmealCoconut and chocolate overnight oatmeal

4. Vanilla chia pudding with berriesVanilla chia pudding with berries

5. Raspberry breakfast balls with coconutRaspberry breakfast balls with coconut

6. ProactivChia overnight oatmeal with banana and cacao nibsProactivChia overnight oatmeal

7. Banana-oat breakfast cookiesBanana-oat breakfast cookies

8. Overnight oats with cacao, almond butter and macaOvernight oats with cacao, almond butter and maca

9. Coconut chia pudding with fruit coulisCoconut chia pudding with fruit coulis

10. Raspberry overnight oats with almonds and coconutRaspberry overnight oats with almonds and coconut

11. Chocolate orange chia puddingChocolate orange chia pudding

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