Proud to B the Change

Declaration of interdependenceIn 2015, PRANA became one of the first Canadian food companies to be certified B-Corp. Only a dozen of companies in Québec have redefined what business success means to them.

PRANA is a pioneer in this matter.

The movement is gaining more and more amplitude with now close to 2200 companies worldwide in over 50 countries & 130 industries. 

What is the B-Corporation certification?

The B-Corp certification is granted by a non-profit organization called B Lab. Only companies that meet the highest standards of social & environmental responsibility are certified.

This corporate certification is to businesses what fair trade commerce is to coffee, except that B-Corp focuses on the company rather than on the product. This is how PRANA uses its brand to respond to social & environmental challenges.

In the day-to-day, what this means is that each person at PRANA is constantly seeking to achieve the highest level of social engagement, environmental responsibility and transparency.

PRANA becomes a force for change: because it’s not enough to just turn a profit - we’ve got to go beyond and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

A+ for a B-Corp

PRANA was founded by young and passionate Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber and rests on a set of common values: authenticity, integrity & transparency. At the core of these corporate values is a need to impact positive change for the planet and its inhabitants. Guided by a sincere desire to align these principles with corporate actions, they developed a business model that reflected their food offer. 

Since they were certified, PRANA has made leaps and bounds. Each company that undergoes the evaluation to be certified receives a score. In 2015, we received an 81. In 2017, after putting in place many initiatives, our score jumped to 124! This is an absolutely remarkable evolution. We were nominated #1 in the food category in Canada and #3 in North America. We are clearly on the right track.

Becoming B-Corp certified meant the fulfilment of a way of thinking, of a business model that matched the social & environmental commitment of our founders. It was also a way to show the world that PRANA embodies its values and takes full responsibility as a corporation. Now the challenge is in surpassing our best year after year.

Little by little, one nut at a time, we continue to innovate with the aim of changing the world. See how the company has been part of the solution.

B Corp certification